Uses of Ornamental plants 0


CLASS: Basic 3

SUBJECT: Agricultural Science

TOPIC: Uses of Ornamental Crops




Ornamental crops are used for different purposes. The most important uses include:


1.Protection: They are planted to protect soil, serving as soil cover. Example is carpet grass planted to cover a football field.


  1. Beautification: They are used to beautify our surroundings. Planting flowers and grasses around our compound makes the entire area neat and beautiful.


  1. Fencing: They are used to fence our houses and offices. Example is cactus.


  1. Source of income: They serve as a source of income to farmers when sold.


  1. Prevention of soil erosion: They help to prevent soil erosion, that is removal of soil from the ground by either wind or rain water.


  1. Provision of shade: They provide shade and serve as a cover from the sun rays.




  1. State four uses of ornamental crops.


  1. ______________ is a type of flower used to protect the soil.


  1. Which of the flowers is used for fencing?