Primary 3 Examinations Third Term Basic Science

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Choose the correct answer from the options.

1. Which of these objects does not float in air

[a] balloon [b] ball [c] stone

2. Developed technology is ____________ in nature

[a] old [b] modern [c] outdated

3. ___________ is an example of developed technology used in the farming

[a] cutlass [b] hoe [c] tractor

4. Energy means _______________

[a] accelerator [b] capacity or ability to do work [c] pulling & pushing

5. An example of energy giving food is ________________

[a] egg [b] bean [c] yam

6. The production of sounds is made possible by _______________ energy

[a] sound [b] silent [c] frictional

7. Energy from the sun is called ______________ energy

[a] solar [b] sunny [c] cold

8. The main source of light is the _________________

[a] moon [b] sun [c] bulb

9. Diseases can be transferred by ______________

[a] plant [b] air [c] A and B

10. The sound produced by objects can be _________ or ___________

[a] sleeo & dance [b] sharp & soft [c] sharp & slow

11. The soil used for planting is ………………………..

[a] loamy soil [b] sandy soil [c] clay soil

12. All these are the objects that float in the water except

[a] stone [b] nylon [c] boat

13. Adding ……………… to muddy water makes it fit for use

[a] soap [b] alum [c] perfume

14. Bad water gives …………………………

[a] odour [b] money [c] good

15. Disinfectant are …………………. that destroy bacteria

[a] charcoal [b] water [c] chemical

16. There are ____ classes of food (a)5 (b)2 (c)6 (d)3

17.___ is an energy giving food (a) carbohydrates (b) vitamins (c) protein (d) water

18. ___________ is the use of scientific knowledge to create products for better living (a) science (b) learning (c) maths (d) technology

19. BST means __________________________________________________________

20 Harmful food can lead to all these except ______ (a) death (b) sickness (c) stomach upset (d) good health

21. The fastest means of transportation is by ____ (a) water (b) land (c) soil d) air

22. One of these is not an I.C.T gadget (a) newspaper (b) radio (c) television (d) computer

23. Heat and electricity can pass through ______ (a) paper (b) metal (c) wood (d) plastics

24. ___________is a type of building with all rooms on the same level without stairs (a) shop (b) hut (c) bungalow (d) duplex

25. The ability to do work is known as ________ (a) energy (b) weight (c) tension (d) power


Attempt all questions in this section

1. Define Energy

1b. Write 3 types of energy

2. Define Curiosity

b. Mention 3 sources of natural light.

3. State 5 musical instrument

4. List 8 living things you know

5. What is drawing ?

b. List 4 materials needed for drawing and their uses


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