Uses of Simple Sewing Equipment and Tools (Revision )


Class: Basic 4

Subject : Home Economics

Topic:Uses of Simple Sewing Equipment and Tools (Revision )



(1)__________ is used for making or mending clothes or household linens (Sewing machine, Table iron, Stitching awl)

(2)__________ is a pointed tool for making small holes.(Bobblin, Bo bodkin, pins)

(3)____________ is a blunt needle for drawing a tape or ribbon through a loop or hem.(Stitching awl, bobbin, Sewing machine)

(4) ___________ is used for all the work of measuring people, objects and cloths (Needles,Brown Paper, Tape measure)

(5)_________is used to remove Stitches that are incorrectly used on the clothes(needle, seam ripper, Threads)

(6) ___________ is used for the storage of all needles craft tools and accessories.(Tailor’s chalk, Sewing box, pins)

(7)____________ is used to hold two pieces of cloths together while Sewing them (Tape measure, Seam ripper, pins)

(8) ____________ was invented during the first industrial revolution (Stitching awl, Sewing machine, Sewing box)

(9)____________ is a cylinder or spindle for holding or dispensing thread (Bobbin, Bodkin, Stitching awl)

(10)___________ is used to press our clothes ( pins, Iron, Threads)

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