Simple Clothing Construction Processes Seam


Class : Basic 4
Subject: Home Economics
Topic: Simple Clothing Construction Processes: Seam

A seam is a method used in joining two or more piece of materials together firmly.

Types of Seams
There are different kinds of Seams. Some of them are:
(1) Open/plain seam
(2)Run and fell seam
(3) French seam
(4) Machine fell Seam
(5)Piped seam
All these seam can be used to make dresses, shirts and many other articles. The choice of a seam depends on the type of garment to be sewn and the type of material to be used.
(a) Plain/seam: This is the most basic and easiest seam to make. It joins the edges of two pieces of fabrics . This is suitable for most fabrics.
(b)Run and fell seam: This is used on sportswear and simple reversible garments. This seam requires that you sew and neaten the seam allowance with the seam allowance on the right side of the fabric.
(c) A French seam is neat , narrow and perfect for sheer lightweight fabrics, blinds and unlined curtains where the reverse is visible. It hides all raw edges and is ideal for fine fabrics or those that are fray easily.. It is most commonly sewn on jeans.

(1) What is a seam?
(2) Mention types of Seams
(3) discuss (a) machine seam and (b) pipe seam

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