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Literature 1st Term Exams Primary 4

SUBJECT: LITERATURE CLASS: PRIMARY 4   Who is the author of the book “Never again” (a) Effiong Affiong Asquo (b) Chinwa Achebe (c) Wole Soyinka   The name of Ngozi’s father is ____(a) Ade   (b) Emmanuel (c) Ikondo   Gift was brought from ____ local government   (a) Agege (b) Umuahia (c) ikondo  

1st Term Exams Primary 4 English

SUBJECT: ENGLISH STUDIES CLASS: PRIMARY 4   COMPREHENSION   Udo and his four sons lived in a little village named Ikenze. All of them were good farmers. They had a flock of sheep and a herd of cattle. Their house, though made of mud and thatch, was one of the best in the town. The

1st Term Exams Primary 4 Literature In English

SUBJECT: LITERATURE CLASS: PRIMARY 4   1._____ family watched the news? (a) salawu’s (b) Bamigbade’s (c) Johnson’s 2.____ is the pepper grinder (a) Amope (b) Alani (c) Chinwe 3.____ is the name of the village best teacher (a) Jerry (b) Dotun (c) Dairo 4.____lectured her dad on Ebola. (a) Tomiwa (b) Lara (c) Bimpe 5.___tested

P.H.E CLASS: PRIMARY 4 First Term Exam Questions

SUBJECT: P.H.E CLASS: PRIMARY 4   1. _____ is a box containing first aid treatment. (a) last aid box (b) first aid box (c) first aiders 2. The food we eat must be ___prepared   (a) unhygienically (b) hygienically (c) badly   3. ___ values are principles of behavior accepted by a family (a)physical (b)

Agric science 1st Term Exams Primary 4

SUBJECT: AGRIC. SCIENCE CLASS: PRIMARY 4   1 _____ is the application of manure to ornamental plants. (a) weeding (b) manuring (c) watering[mediator_tech] 2. One of the method of making compost is ____   (a) hole method (b) pit method (c) sand method   3. A _______ seed is the seed that is free of

Basic Science 1st Term Exams Primary 4

SUBJECT: BASIC SCIENCE CLASS: PRIMARY 4   1. _____ is growing flowers and plants on a piece of land at home or in the school. (a) weeding (b) gardening   © harvesting   2. ___ soil is the best for planting crops (a) loamy (b) sandy (c) clay 3. ____ are organisms that damage crops

Social Studies Exam Questions 1st Term Primary 4

SUBJECT: SOCIAL STUDIES CLASS: PRIMARY 4   1________ is when work is divided into smaller units. (a) division of income (b) wages (c) division of labour   2.A community leader is also known as ___   (a) traditional leader (b) president (c) governor   3_____ is a situation whereby someone has work to do. (a)

Examination Questions Primary 4 Civic Education First Term

SUBJECT: CIVIC EDUCATION CLASS: PRIMARY 4 1. The duties which we have to do as members of the family are _____ (a) responsibilities (b) duties (c) rights 2. An example of civic value is ____ (a) disloyalty (b) obedience (c) disobedience 3. The form of government where the king or queen rules is ____(a) oligarchy

Examination Questions Primary 4 Bible Knowledge First Term

SUBJECT: C.R.K CLASS: PRIMARY 4 God gave us a commandment to ___one another (a) hate (b) love (c) dislike Jesus fasted for 40days and _____nights. (a) 20 (b) 30 (c) 40 To ____means to break God’s law (a) repent (b) sin (c) forgive The blind beggar at Jericho was ___(a) Zacchaeus (b) Nicodemus (c) Bartimaeush

Examination Questions Verbal Reasoning Primary 4 First Term

SUBJECT: VERBAL APT. CLASS: PRIMARY 4   Example: chair is to sit as shoe is to foot.   Drum is to beat as trumpet is to __(blow, sound,strike)   Boys are to men as girls are to ________   (women, aunt, uncle)   Atlas and maps; dictionary and ___   (hook, learning, meaning)   Feather
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