Primary 4

Weather : Meaning, Instrument, Symbols, and Records Basic Science Primary 4 First Term Lesson Notes Week 8

Class: Primary 4 Subject: Basic Science Topic: Weather: Meaning, Instruments, Symbols, and Records Sub-topic: Understanding weather, weather instruments, weather symbols, keeping weather records Duration: 45 minutes Term: First Term Week: 8 Previous Knowledge: Students have learned about different seasons and basic weather conditions. Set Induction: Begin the class by discussing the weather outside. Ask students

Suspicious Movement Security Education Primary 4 First Term Lesson Notes Week 5

Lesson Title: Suspicious Movement Subject : Security Education Grade: Primary 4 Term: First Term Week: 5 Duration: 45 minutes Learning Objectives: Understand the concept of suspicious movement. Identify examples of suspicious movement in their surroundings. Learn how to respond safely to suspicious movement. Embedded Core Skills: Critical thinking Communication Problem-solving Learning Materials: Whiteboard and markers

The Early Regions In Nigeria History Primary 4 First Term Lesson Notes Week 5

  Topic: Early Regions in Nigeria Class: Primary 4 Subject: History Term : First Term Week : Week 5 Duration: 40 minutes Learning Objectives: To identify the early regions in Nigeria. To understand why these regions were created. To locate these regions on a map. Embedded Core Skills: Geography Critical Thinking Communication Learning Materials: Map