Our village is not far from Awka, the capital of Anambra State. It is called Ibaji. There are old and new houses in our village. We are lucky. We live in a modern house. My father and my elder brothers built it three years ago. Grandpa and grandma live in the house next to us. We visit them everyday because they are old. We help them and they tell us many things about the past in return.
Our village is a peaceful place. We obey our parents and older relations. We also respect Chief Okafor, the Igwe of our village. We have a Council of elders who work with the chief. They advise the chief when there is a problem. We do not have much trouble in our village. We all obey the laws of the government and state. At school, we obey school rules and respect our teachers and headmistress.
I am sure that you will enjoy your visit. I can take you fishing if you like. We can go to the market and there are big shops in Awka. If you like you can join my age group when it is time to clean the Ilo (place for meetings and playing).
My father and mother are going to have a big party when you come with uncle, auntie and Ngozi. There will be a lot of food, dancing and games.
Answer these questions:
1.) Which state does Emeka live?__________________________________________________
2.) How is Emeka lucky? ________________________________________________________
3.) Who built Emeka’s house? ____________________________________________________
4.) Where do Emeka’s grandpa and grandma live?_____________________________________
5.) How do the village elders help the chief? _________________________________________
Choose the correct answer from the options A, B, C and D
1.) My mother ______ a chicken yesterday (a) roast (b) roasted (c) roasts (d) roasting
2.) The prisoner ____ at the quarrel for pushing him (a) shout (b) shouts (c) shouting (d) shouted
3.) She _____ dinner for her family last night (a) prepare (b) prepares (c) prepared (d) preparing
4.) His room _____ in a mess yesterday (a) was (b) is (c) are (d) am
5.) My brother _____ home late last night (a) come (b) came (c) coming (d) comes
6.) She sings sweetly, _____ she? (a) hasn’t (b) doesn’t (c) does (d) is
7.) ______ they pass their driving test? (a) Do (b) Does (c) Did (d) Have
8.) _____ your father a busy man? (a) Are (b) Do (c) has (d) Is
9.) Aren’t the puppies cute? Yes, they ____ (a) are (b) is (c) do (d) does
10.) They like to eat cakes, ____ they? (a) do (b) don’t (c) does (d) did
11.) They ______ to school everyday (a) goes (b) go (c) went (d) going
12.) Tara __ well during the debating activity yesterday (a) speak (b) spoke (c) speaking (d) spoken
13.) She _____ to market every afternoon (a) went (b) go (c) goes (d) going
14.) The woman always _____ my hair (a) plaited (b) plaiting (c) plaits (d) plait
15.) The congregation ____ on Sunday (a) listens (b) listen (c) listening (d) listened
Choose the correct answer from the options A, B, C and D. The answer you choose must be in the perfect tense
16.) She apologized to me for what she _____ (a) did (b) has done (c) had done (d) do
17.) She discovered her mistake after she _____ her paper
(a) has submitted (b) had submitted (c) had been submitted (d) submit
18.) We ____ not _______ him for several years (a) have/seen (b) has/seen (c) was/seen (d) saw
19.) She _____ not ______ here for a long time. I often wonder what has happened to her
 (a) have/been (b) had/been (c) has/been (d) had/been visited
20.) We ______ not _______ the zoo for many months
(a) have/visit (b) have/visited (c) has/visited (d) has/been visited
Choose anyone out of the two questions
1.) Write a composition on My family
2.) Write a letter to your friend telling him/her your performance during the last term examination
Literature in English
1.) Adesewa’s village was ____________ (a) Moremi  (b) Kirigi (c) Igbodilu
2.) Who were relieved to see Adesewa?
(a) Igbodilu’s king (b) Bamishegun (c) Adesewa’s parents
3.) Adesewa’s father bought ______________ vehicle when he was rich
(a) Toyota Datzun (b) Mercedez Benz (c) Peugeot Pickup Van
4.) What news did the King hear?
(a) that his only son died (b) that he has won lottery (c) that Adesewa’s father is rich
5.) What was wrong in the palace of Igbodilu   (a) the King has passed on
(b) the king’s wife had an accident (c) Prince Adeola the king’s son is sick
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