First Term Primary 4 Mathematics Suggested Examination Questions


First Term Examination



Add N6.70k and N16.43k together. (a) N28.16k (b) N23.13k (c) N29.23k (d) N19.75k
Find the difference of N 25.19k and N 27.81k
(a) N 9.16k (b) N 3.75k (c) N2.62k (d) N4.17k
Write in words N 1111.11k
(a) Eleven thousand and eleven (b) eleven hundred and eleven kobo
(c) one hundred and eleven naira, eleven kobo (d) one thousand and eleven kobo
Multiply N35.55 by 12 (a) N 426.60 (b) N 624.00 (c) N 426.30 (d) N 526.60
Divide 441 by 7 (a) 36 (b) 63 (c) 69 (d) 93
Write 52 as a product of its prime factors
2 x 3 x 7 (b) 2 x 2 x 13 (c) 2x 3 x 3 x 5 (d) 2 x 3 x 5
Write 75m in decimal of kilometers
00.075km (b) 0.075km (c) 0.0075km (d) 0.075km
The angle drawn is ______ angle (a) Right (b) obtuse (c) acute (d) reflex
Find the perimeter of the rectangle whose length is 8cm and breadth is 6cm
48cm (b) 28cm (c) 14cm (d) 2cm
What is the value of x? if 341 x = 54 (a) 287 (b) 395 (c) 300 (d) 313
Write 1752 distances in kilometres and metres
1.752km (b) 7.152km (c) 11.7524km (d) 5.752km
6.246 + 1.781 (a) 0.827 (b) 8.027 (c) 2.0827 (d) 0.827
12.36m multiply by 6 (a) 7416cm (b) 7416cm (c) 8516cm (d) 5816cm
Add 27kg 50g, 2kg 325g and 20kg 160g
70kg953g (b) 50kg535g (c) 61kg153g (d) 55kg735g
What is the time
Quarter past 12 (b) quarter to 12 (c) quarter past 3 (d) half past 3
How many hours and minutes are there between 9.45am and 3.15pm
5hours 30minutes (b) 6hours 15minutes (c) 3hours 45minutes
(d) 5hours 15minutes
13 5/6 + 12 2/3 (a) 26 6/9 (b) 26 3/6 (c) 26 ½ (d) 62 5/9
What is the sum of 3hr 39min and 4hr 38min
1hr 01min (b) 8hr 17min (c) 7hr 77min (d) 8hr 77min
7 ¾ – 4 2/3 (a) 3 ½ (b) 74 (c) 3 1/12 (d) 74 1/15
Find the sum of 3489 and 4378 (a) 8767 (b) 7111 (c) 7867 (d) 6877
Sally bought 26.85km of yellow wood and 3.46m of blue wood. How much wool did she buy together (a) 61.31m (b) 31.31m (c) 13.13m (d) 01.11m
Find how many bottles are there in 5 crates, if a create contains 24 bottles.
150bottles (b) 510bottles (c) 120 bottles (d) 620bottles
If a bag of rice weighs 45.25kg find the weight of 18bags
814.50kg (b) 614.50kg (c) 418.00kg (d) 415.60kg
Find the H.C.F of 16, 24, 40 (a) 16 (b) 24 (c) 8 (d) 50
Find the L.C.M of 12 and 36 (a) 90 (b) 60 (c) 120 (d) 09
Titi bought a dress for N 150.00 and sold it for N 160.50. What is her profit or loss.
N 100 (b) N 25 (c) N 10 (d) N 109
A wrist watch costs N 8.30. What is the cost of 20 wristwatches?
N 166.00 (b) N 961.00 (c) N 196.00 (d) N 206.00
What is the difference between the squares of 17 and 9?
208 (b) 802 (c) 152 (d) 551
Find the sum of the squares of 6 and 8. (a) 100 (b) 1000 (c) 150 (d) 0011
Divide 540 by 10. (a) 74 (b) 54 (c) 104 (d) 77
Section B
A trader has three pieces of cloth. One piece is 125cm long. The second piece is 90cm and the third piece is 125cm long. What is the total length of the three pieces of cloth.
b.) Subtract 17kg 36g from 78kg 172g.
c.) Nana has 5.87 litres of kerosene. If she gives out 4.02 litres of the oil to her friend,
how many litres has she left?
Simplify leaving the answer in roman numerals. MCL – DCCCXX
b.) CXXIX + LV
Write in words 2,534,590
b.) Write in words 222,222
How many days are there in (i) 13 weeks (ii) 21 weeks
b.) Express the following in seconds (i) 35minutes (ii) 17minutes 38 seconds
A man made a profit of N 5,345.00 from his business in the month of January. By February he made a profit of N 6461. What is the profit made by the man in the two months?