Read the passage and answer the questions that follows,




A long time ago, there lived a family whose youngest boy was called Joseph. Every day, Joseph took his family’s goats to eat the grass on the side of the hill, close to a stream. He made extra money for his family by taking the other villagers’ goats out too. However, Joseph was quite a naught boy. His parents told him to look after the goats each day to keep him out of trouble. At first, Joseph was happy with his job because it meant that no one would tell him what to do. However, after a few weeks, Joseph grew bored. He started throwing stones into the stream and complained to himself that he had nothing  to do. This was because he took the same goats to the same place and sat under the same tree everyday. He was now very bored and wanted some excitement in his life. One of his responsibilities was to watch out for wolves. These are wild animals that look like big fierce dogs. There was a large pack of wolves living in the hills and they would often come down to the village and kill goats. Joseph was particularly fed up, and he often sat down, thinking about the wolves. Then he had an idea. He decided to make something exciting happen.


Answer these questions:


1.)   What did Joseph do everyday? __________________________________________________

2.)   Why did Joseph’s parents tell him to look after the goats? _____________________________

3.)   Why was Joseph happy with his job at first? _______________________________________

4.)   Where were the wolves living? _________________________________________________

5.)   Why did Joseph watch over the goats?____________________________________________

Section B: English Grammar

Choose the correct answer from the options A, B, C and D.

6.)   Please don’t _____________ to pay your bills (a) forgetting (b) forget (c) forgets (d) forgot

(7.)   “__________ I join you?” asked Yetunde (a) may (b) please (c) would (d) might

.(8)   Don’t _________ the music so loud,” said Mrs. Tan. (a) playing (b) played (c) play (d) play

(9.)   Which of the following is a request? (a) may I have a piece of cake (b) don’t touch the glass (c) keep quiet (d) sit here!

(10.)    Which of the following is a prohibition (a) clear the table! (b) don’t litter the floor! (c) please come in! (d) may I have a drink please?

(11.)    __________ a person is a serious offence (a) to kill (b) killed (c) was killed (d) kills

(12.)    She likes ____________ pretty dresses for her doll (a) sew (b) sews (c) sewing (d) sewed

(13.)    It is dangerous ______________ a car without holding the steering wheel (a) drive (b) to drive (c) to driving (d) drove

(14.)    It is interesting _______________ stamps from different countries (a) to collect (b) collect (c) collects (d) collected

15.)    ____________ twenty laps is good exercise (a) swims (b) swimming (c) swam (d) swim

(16.)    That house __________ to his parents (a) belong (b) belongs (c) belonged (d) has belonged

(17.)    On e of the actors ____________ unwell so the play can’t go on (a) are (b) is (c) an (d) has

(18.)    Science __________ certainly not my favourite subject (a) are (b) is (c) has (d) have

(19.)    None of this business ___________ him (a) is (b) concern (c) concerns (d) are

20.)    “You ________________ read the questions carefully before you answer them” said the teacher (a) might (b) shall (c) must (d) may

Section C:

Literature The Barrack Born By: Vera Oyaletor

21.) What sight caused Jatto the most pain as he sat at Verandah (a) women screaming behind their husbands (b) children running into their flats behind their mothers (c) children running in excitement towards the fight arena

22.) What was Jatto and his siblings fond of changing school at close intervals (a) most of the schools were of poor standard (b) they were often sent home by the police authority (c) their father was constantly being transferred

23.) In no particular order, which of the following are ethics of the police profession (a) integrity, callousness, discipline and strife (b) integrity, discipline, brutality and accountability (c) accountability, discipline, integrity and honesty

24.) Timothy’s spending habit was affected by hard time in the following ways except _____ (a) it made him of more accountant (b) he was able to spend more than he earned         (c) it taught him to prioritize well

25.) Which of the following actions took place first      (a) timothy screaming at the lady (b) timothy banging at the counter (c) the lady explaining the situation to Timothy   Section D:


English Composition

Instruction: Choose one only out of the questions

1.)   Write a letter to your friend telling him/her the weather condition of your new area

2.)   Write a composition on a good eating habits

3.)   Write a composition on My best food


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