Uses of Seams


Class: Basic 4

Subject: Home Economics

Topic: Uses of Seams


Seam allowances are provided to allow for adjustments and to prevent seam ripping apart during wear. The following are importance of Seams


(1) When a dress become tight, the seams are the points of adjustment to allow for more room.

(2) When a dress is bigger , the area of adjustment are the seams. Use the seam ripper to remove the old Stitches before you apply a fresh row of Stitches.


Guidelines for the choice of Seams.

(a) Type of material

(1) Heavy materials requires a strong seam such as run and fell seam.

(2) Light and thin materials require a French seam.


(b) Age of the wearer

Run and fell is suitable for children’s clothing.


(c) Purpose of garment

Flat seams , for instance, may be used on night dresses. A flat seam is appropriate for a night dress such that the raw edges of the material do not touch the skin.


Evaluation question

(1) State the uses of seams

(2) State the guidelines for the choice of seams.

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