The Making of a Tray Cloth


Class: Basic 5


Subject: Home Economics


Topic : Making a tray cloth


To make a pattern for a tray cloth, the following materials are neeeded: brown paper, ruler, tape measure, pencil, scissors and dressmaker pins.


The step required in making a tray cloth are stated below :


Take the measurement of a standard tray, 12 inches (30cm) by 15 inches, (37.5cm) long with a pencil.


Cut this out on a brown paper.


To sew, you will need half a yard of linen.


Pin the pattern on a piece of cloth. Cut out the cloth pieces.


Mark round the piece 3/4 inch ( 1.9cm).


Make running stitches on the line.


Fray as close as possible to the stitch.


Work out designs on the right side of the cloth with embroidery stitches that you have been taught in previous lessons. The more creative you are, the better for the table runner.




1. List the materials needed to make a tray cloth.


2. What is the standard measurement of a tray cloth?


3. Get the materials and make a simple tray cloth.

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