Simple Relevant Clothing Articles


Class: Basic 5


Subject: Home Economics


Topic: Simple Relevant Clothing Articles


Simple clothing articles are easy to make and are useful to us. They require minimum amount of materials and tools to make.

Some fairly used cloth or scraps of cloth lying around from previous sewing can be used in making these relevant clothing articles. Some of these articles can be used by Pupil’s or be presented as gifts to friends and relations.


These articles include:

Scarfs, needle work bag, carpenter’s/ water’s apron, duchess’ apron, etc.


Other materials needed for making simple articles are tracing equipment such as tracing paper, felt tip pen, pencil and tailors’ chalk.

The materials needed also include: scissors, tape measure, metre rule and embroidery needles.




1. Simple clothing articles can be made from ______________ and __________________________.


2. List three examples of articles that can made: ______________, _______________and ________________.


3. Mention tools that can be used to make simple articles:




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