1.) A ____________ is an organization that seeks to gain or maintain power with the government
(a) political campaign (b) political party (c) political rally (d) manifesto
2.) All the following are acronyms of a pressure group except _____
(a) NLC (b) NUJ (c) NUT (d) IBBS
3.) The movement of the earth in spinning motion from West to East is called ______
(a) rotation (b) evolution (c) revolution (d) solar system
4.) Which of the following is NOT a natural disasters
(a) hurricane (b) earthquake (c) floods (d) crash
5.) A _______ is someone who direct or guides other (a) leader (b) leadership (c) master (d) boss
6.) _______ is the money an individual or a business receives in exchange for labour and services
(a) capital (b) labour (c) income (d) payment
7.) ______________ is a sudden event that causes great damage or loss of life
(a) disaster (b) drainage (c) emergency (d) protection
8.) The state of having no job that pays you income is referred to _______
(a) employment (b) engagement (c) unemployment (d) opportunity
9.) ____________ is the major occupation of people living in the northern part of Nigeria
(a) farming (b) teaching (c) banking (d) trading
10.) The full meaning of NLC is __________________ (a) National Labour Company (b) Nigeria Labour congress (c) National Laboratory congress (d) National Labour Community

11.) The fourth planets where man and other living things (plants and animals) live is known as_____ (a) earth (b) mercury (c) venus (d) mars

12.) _________ are the people who are committed to promoting and safeguarding the right of all individuals (a) human activities (b) human right activist (c) human right activities (d) human trafficking

13.) Which of the following is a natural disaster
(a) falls (b) fire outbreak (c) plane crash (d) earthquake
14.) The movement of the earth round the sun in a circular orbit is called ____
(a) revolution (b) rotation (c) reflection (d) radiation
15.) _____________ is the closest planet to the sun (a) Mars (b) Earth (c) Mercury (d) Venus
16.) The exchange of goods for goods and services for services is known as _______
(a) trade for money (b) goods exchange (c) trade by barter (d) exchange of goods
17.) A _______________ is the money borrowed from the bank to be paid back with interest
(a) capital (b) income (c) salary (d) loan

18.) The ___ is the national bank that provides financial and banking services for the government and commercial banking system of the country (a) FBN (b) CBN (c) UBA (d) FCMB

19.) Which of the following chain of distribution is complete (a) manufacturer-retailer-consumer-wholesaler (b) retailer-manufacturer-wholesaler-consumer (c) manufacturer-wholesaler-retailer-consumer (d) wholesaler-retailer-manufacturer-consumer

20.) The paramount ruler of the Oyo Kingdom is called ________
(a) Oba of Oyo (b) Alaafin of Oyo (c) Awujale of Oyo (d) Oba of Bini

Section B
1.) What is disaster ______________________________________________________________

b.) Mention two examples of each of the following
(i) Natural Disaster: _________________________, _________________________
(ii) Unnatural Disaster: _________________________, _________________________

2.) Explain the solar system _______________________________________________________

b.) List any four planets you know
(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________
(c) ________________________________ (d) ________________________________
3.) Who is a leader? _____________________________________________________________

b.) List two qualities of a leader
(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________

4.) Define unemployment_________________________________________________________

b.) Give the full meaning of the following acronyms
(i) NLC – _______________________________________________________________
(ii) NUJ – ________________________________________________________________
(iii) NUT – _______________________________________________________________

5.) Mention the two types of trade
(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________

b.) Define savings: ______________________________________________________________

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