Simple Serving Tools Home Economics Primary 5 First Term Lesson Notes Week 8


Subject: Home Economics

Grade: Primary 5

Week: 8

Topic: Simple Serving Tools


  • Understand the purpose of various serving tools.
  • Learn how to use these tools for serving different types of food.
  • Promote proper table etiquette.


  • Visual aids (pictures of serving tools)
  • Real or replica serving tools for demonstration


  • Begin the class by asking students if they have ever helped serve food at home or during special occasions.
  • Explain that today, they will learn about different serving tools and how to use them.

Main Content:

1. What are Serving Tools?

  • Explain that serving tools are utensils used for serving and handling food during meals.
  • Show pictures or actual serving tools to the students.

2. Types of Serving Tools:

  • Discuss the following serving tools:
    • Serving Spoons: Used for serving dishes like rice, vegetables, and casseroles.
    • Forks: Ideal for serving salads, pasta, and meat dishes.
    • Tongs: Handy for picking up fruits, vegetables, salad, and hot foods.
    • Ladles: Used for serving soups, stews, and sauces.
    • Serving Bowls: Needed for presenting and serving salads, fruits, or side dishes.
    • Plates: Commonly used for serving main courses and side dishes.
    • Serving Trays: For carrying and serving multiple items at once.
    • Cake Server: Used for cutting and serving cakes or desserts.
    • Pizza Cutter: Ideal for slicing and serving pizza or baked dishes.
    • Spatula: Useful for serving and flipping pancakes, omelets, and baked goods.

3. Practical Demonstration:

  • Demonstrate how to use some of these tools to serve food.
  • Encourage students to participate and try using the tools themselves.

4. Table Etiquette:

  • Briefly discuss the importance of good table manners when using serving tools.
  • Emphasize the importance of cleanliness, politeness, and sharing.


  • Summarize the key points of the lesson.
  • Encourage students to practice using these serving tools at home.


  • Students can draw and label their favorite serving tool, explaining what it is used for.


  • Assess students based on their participation and understanding during the practical demonstration.


  • A tool used for serving rice, vegetables, or casseroles is a ______________. (a) Fork (b) Tongs (c) Serving spoon (d) Plate

  • To serve salad, pasta, or meat dishes, which tool is typically used? (a) Serving spoon (b) Tongs (c) Plate (d) Cake server

  • Tongs are handy for picking up ______________ and hot foods. (a) Fruits (b) Vegetables (c) Salad (d) Bread

  • For serving soups, stews, or sauces, you would use a ______________. (a) Fork (b) Plate (c) Serving spoon (d) Ladle

  • To present and serve dishes like salads, fruits, or side dishes, you need ______________. (a) Serving trays (b) Cake server (c) Serving bowls (d) Pizza cutter

  • Plates are commonly used for serving ______________ and side dishes. (a) Salad (b) Soup (c) Main courses (d) Fruits

  • ______________ can help carry and serve multiple items at once, like cups, plates, and utensils. (a) Tongs (b) Serving trays (c) Pizza cutter (d) Cake server

  • A cake server is designed for cutting and serving ______________ or desserts. (a) Bread (b) Soup (c) Cakes (d) Salad

  • To slice and serve pizza or other baked dishes, which tool is commonly used? (a) Serving bowls (b) Pizza cutter (c) Ladle (d) Fork

  • A spatula is useful for serving and flipping items like pancakes, omelets, or baked goods, but not typically used for ______________. (a) Picking up salad (b) Slicing pizza (c) Serving soup (d) Flipping pancakes

  • Which tool is best suited for serving fruits and side dishes? (a) Pizza cutter (b) Tongs (c) Serving spoon (d) Serving bowls

  • When serving salad, it is common to use a ______________. (a) Plate (b) Fork (c) Cake server (d) Ladle

  • Tongs are especially useful for picking up ______________. (a) Hot foods (b) Plates (c) Cakes (d) Pizza

  • Which tool is primarily used for serving main courses? (a) Tongs (b) Serving spoon (c) Cake server (d) Serving trays

  • To serve and flip pancakes or omelets, you would typically use a ______________. (a) Cake server (b) Plate (c) Fork (d) Spatula