1st Term Examination BASIC SCIENCE 16 Basic 5

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1st Term Examination


Basic 5


  1. _________ is a substance used as medicine or as a stimulant or narcotic (a)energizer (b)drug (c)water (d)poison
  2. All these are examples of naturally occurring drugs except (a)paracetamol (b)alcohol (c)caffeine in kola nut (d)tobacco
  3. Synthetic drugs are _________ (a)man-made (b)animal made (c)nature made (d)mistakenly made
  4. Which of these places is the right place to buy drugs? (a)hospitals or pharmaceutical stores (b)road side (c)market (d)abattoir
  5. Which of these is not an effect of excessive or wrong use of drugs? (a)loss of memory (b)general weakness of the body (c)sound health (d)respiratory infection
  6. All these are examples of hard drugs except _________ (a)Indian hemp (b)amala (c)cocaine (d)marijuana
  7. The solar system comprises the sun and the ________ planets that move around it (a)4 (b)8 (c)10 (d)15
  8. The force in the earth that pulls an object is called (a)gravitational force (b)mechanical force (c)solar force (d)push and pull
  9. The rotation of the earth on its axis causes _________ (a)rain (b)snow (c)day and night (d)season
  10. The movement of the earth round the sun is called _________ of the earth (a)rotation (b)revolution (c)recycling (d)tie and die
  11. An eclipse of the sun occurs when _________ (a)the moon comes in between the sun and the earth (b)the earth comes in between the sun and the moon (c)the sun comes in between the moon and the earth (d)none of the above
  12. __________ is the atmospheric condition of a particular place over a period of time (a)weather (b)rain (c)sunshine (d)climate
  13. A scientist who studies the weather is called (a)weather forecaster (b)meteorologist (c)meteorology (d)student
  14. Which of these is not an element of weather? (a)sunshine (b)friction (c)air pressure (d)humidity
  15. ______ is the excessive high temperature (heat) on earth (a)health hazard (b)balanced equation (c)global warming (d)high weather
  16. _______ is any action that moves an object or changes its uniform motion in a straight line (a)force (b)leap (c)squat (d)crawl
  17. When we push or pull, we are applying force TRUE/FALSE
  18. All these are materials of reducing friction EXCEPT (a)lubricating oil (b)sand paper (c)stone (d)ball bearings and rollers
  19. _________ is the amount of crops produced per unit area of a particular farmland (a)crop rotation (b)crop yield (c)crop population (d)crop census
  20. All these are necessary for our yield to improve except (a)encouraging soil erosion (b)conserving soil (c)adding suitable fertilizer to the soil (d)application of water (irrigation )


Answer any four questions

  1. (a). What is drug abuse?

(b). State three effects of drug abuse

  1. (a). What is the ‘solar system’?

(b). State the differences between luminous and non luminous bodies

(c). Who are astronomers?

(d). Who is an astronaut?

  1. (a). The sun is the source of ________ and ______

(b). What is revolution of the earth?

(c). Draw a diagram of the eclipse of the moon, indicating the positions of the sun,

moon and the earth.

  1. (a). What is the relationship between weather and climate?

(b). On a tabular, list three elements of weather and their instruments

  1. (a). What is friction?

(b)State two advantages and two disadvantages of friction


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