1st Term Examination GEOGRAPHY SSS 1

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1st Term Examination



Section A

Answer all questions correctly

  1. The diameter of the earth is __________ (a)6,878km (b)12,762km (c)142,100km (d)4,878km
  2. The fourth planet to the sun is ________ (a)mercury (b)Jupiter (c)earth (d)mars
  3. The word geography was gotten from? (a)one Greek word (b)French word (c)two Greek words (d)map
  4. Geo means _______ (a)description (b)explain (c)earth (d)Geography
  5. The hottest planet is __________ (a)Venus (b)Mars (c)Earth (d)Mercury
  6. The next two planet after Jupiter is _______ (a)Saturn (b)Uranus (c)mars (d)Neptune
  7. Sun rises from the ________ and sets in ___________ (a)West, East (b)West, South (c)East, West (d)East, South
  8. The rotation of the earth causes ___________ (a)365 days (b)seasons (c)day and night (d)none of the above
  9. Other names for eclipse of the sun and moon are (a)solar and satellite (b)solar and lunar (c)lunar and solar (d)satellite and solar
  10. A brief period between sunrise and full day light is called ________ (a)eclipse (b)dawn (c)twilight (d)morning
  11. Which of the following is not a line of latitude (a)equator (b)arctic circle (c)tropic of Capricorn (d)Greenwich meridian
  12. Nigeria is located between latitudes ________ and _________ (a)3oN and 15oN (b)4oN and 14oN (c)3oE and 15oE (d) 4oE and 14oE
  13. The time generally adopted by a country is called ___________ (a)world time zone (b)Greenwich mean time (c)local time (d)standard time
  14. If a person crosses the international date line from east to west, what will happen? (a)an hour is gained (b)a day is gained (c)a day is lost (d)an hour is gained
  15. GMT means __________ (a)Greenwich meridian time (b)Greenwich mean time (c)geography map town (d)none of the above
  16. If the time at the Greenwich meridian is 12 noon, what will be the time at Russia 45oR (a)9:00am (b)2:00pm (c)6:00pm (d)3:30pm
  17. Arctic circle is located at (a)23½oN (b) 23½oS (c)66½oN (d) 66½oS
  18. Which of the following is not an internal structure of the earth? (a)mantle (b)core (c)biosphere (d)crust
  19. The structure of the earth which provides water for living things is called (a)crust (b)hydrosphere (c)lithosphere (d)atmosphere
  20. The structure of the earth just beneath the crust is called __________ (a)core (b)mantle (c)lithosphere (d)hydrosphere
  21. The type of rock that solidifies before it gets to the surface of the earth is called? (a)sedimentary rock (b)plutonic rocks (c)igneous rock (d)metamorphic rock
  22. Volcanic rock is a type of (a)igneous rock (b)metamorphic rocks (c)sedimentary rock (d)none of the above
  23. Rocks formed from pre-existing rocks are called ________ (a) sedimentary rock (b) metamorphic rocks (c)igneous rock (d)plutonic rock
  24. Which of the following is not an economic importance of rock to man? (a)they serve as tourist centers (b)they serve as source of minerals (c)they are used for construction purposes (d)they occupy space
  25. Which of the following is not a type of mountain? (a)block mountain (b)sand mountain (c)fold mountains (d)residual mountains
  26. ___________ mountains are made up of lava? (a)block mountain (b)volcanic mountain (c)sand mountain (d)fold mountain
  27. __________ mountains are formed from the remains of already existing mountains? (a)block mountains (b)volcanic mountains (c)residual mountains (d)fold mountains
  28. The time dividing lines of longitude into two equal parts is called ___________ (a)equator (b)Greenwich meantime (c)standard time line (d)Greenwich meridian
  29. IDL means (a)Internal date line (b)International date line (c) International data line (d)all of the above
  30. ___________ is the movement of the earth round its orbit (a)rotation (b)eclipse (c)dawn (d)none of the above


Instruction: Answer three questions only

  1. (a). With the aid of a diagram identify lines of latitude

(b). Write at least 2 characteristics of (i)Mars (ii)Neptune (iii)Uranus

  1. If the time in New Zealand (150oE) is 4pm, what will be the time in Nigeria (150oE)
  2. Define the following: (i)mountains (b)Geography (c)rotation
  3. Explain the following (a)Lithosphere (b)Biosphere (c)Hydrosphere (d)Atmosphere


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