Agricultural Science Primary 5 First Term Examination


Section A:
1. _______________ are animals that are kept by men on the farm for their product or by products (a) Animal farm (b) farm animals (c) plant animals (d) domestic animals

2. Farm animals are also refer to as
(a) live animals (b) live stock (c) livestore (d) all of the above

3. Land clearing and stumping are parts of processes involve in growing maize
(a) false (b) true (c) none of the above (d) all of the above

4. _______________ is the removal of big roots or stumps with pick axe.
(a) ridge making (b) weeding (c) stumping (d) land clearing

5. Millet and wheat are examples of _______ crops (a) tuber (b) vegetable (c) fruit (d) cereal

6. _______________ involves rearing of farm animals in a proper way for good growth and production (a) animal bandry (b) animal husband (c) animal husbandry (d) animal farm

7. Which of the following is not a requirement for livestock management
(a) housing (b) feeding (c) famine (d) clean environment

8. A person specially trained to take care of and treat farm animals is called ________
(a) doctor (b) vetermarian (c) veterinary (d) dentist

9. The specific needs for young animals include the following except one
(a) balanced meal (b) dirty environment (c) clean water (d) adequate medication

10. Animals that feed on grass and have complex stomach are called _____
(a) non ruminant animals (b) ruminant animals (c) carnivorous animal (d) live stock

11. ______ animals are known for producing milk
diary animal (b) regular animals (c) production animals (d) good animals

12. All are examples of diary animals except ____ (a) nanny goat (b) cow (c) sheep (d) ram

13. All are importance of agriculture except ____ (a) provision of food for men
providing job opportunities (c) providing shelter (d) selling of shoes

14. All are examples of farm animals except ___ (a) goat (b) cow (c) lion (d) cock

15. A young sheep is called ____ (a) lamb (b) kid (c) cat (d) goat

16. A male cow is called ____ (a) bull (b) sheep (c) goat (d) Ewe

17. ____ are unwanted plants growing where they are not wanted
weed (b) crops (c) vegetables (d) feed

18. Cow meat is called ____ (a) pork (b) beef (c) mutton (d) fish

19. All the food gives protein except ______ (a) meat (b) beans (c) fish (d) pawpaw

20. All are examples of carbohydrate except ____ (a) beans (b) rice (c) yam (d) corn




Section B: Answer all questions
1. Explain ruminant animals _____________________________________________________

1b.) What are diary animals _______________________________________________________

2a. Explain farm animals_________________________________________________________

Give three examples of farm animals (a) ________________________________
(2b) ________________________________ (c) ________________________________

3a. What are non ruminant animals _________________________________________________

3b.) Give three examples of non ruminant animals (a) ________________________________
(b) ________________________________ (c) ________________________________

4a. What is agriculture __________________________________________________________

4b. Explain two importance of agriculture
(a) ________________________________________________________________________
(b) _______________________________________________________________________

5a. What is animal husbandry_____________________________________________________

5b. Explain three requirements for raising farm animals
(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________
(c) ________________________________

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