Farm Records ( Meaning, importance and types)


Class: Basic 5

Subject: Agricultural Science

Topic: Farm Records ( Meaning, importance and types)


Farm record is the documentation or the writing down of all the activities that are taking place on the farm.


Farm records refers to written documents, showing major activities going on in the farming business.


Types of Farm Records:


There are different types of farm records kept on the farm. These are:

1.) Farm inventory

2.) Farm diary

3.) Sales record

4.) Production record

5.) Purchase record

6.) Labour record


Importance of Farm Records.

Farm records enable a farmer to manage his farm very well.

The following are importance of farm records to a farmer.


I.) Farm record helps a farmer to know if he is making profit or not.


II.) It helps to know the actual worth of the farm.


III.) It helps to make future planning and budgeting.


IV.) Farm records also help to compare farm yields realized from year to year.


V.) The farmer may use it as a collateral security to obtain loan from the bank.


Review questions:

1.) What is farm record? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


2.) Mention five different types of farm records.


3.) State three importance of farm records to the farmer.

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