Aquatic Plants GROUP PLANT FORM Jss 1 First Term Agricultural Science

TOPIC: Crop Plant Forms.(cont`d)
CONTENT:i. Aquatic plants
Broad leafed crops
Narrow leafed crops
Sub – Topic 1: Aquatic Plants
Crops plant can as well be grouped
into the following:
These are plants that can grow and
survive in water bodies (rivers, lake, pond, stream) examples of such plant
crops include water lettuce, green algae, water hyacent plankton. Aquatic
animals like fish; crabs, lobsters, crayfish, crocodile, water tortoise etc
mostly eat most of these aquatic plants.
– these are plants that grow and survive on the land.
Examples include: beans, yam, rice, oil palm, coconuts,etc. They are mostly
eaten by terrestrial animals including man.
List 4 examples of aquatic plants
(ii)  What
are terrestrial plants? Name two common ones in your locality.
Sub – Topic 2: Broad and Narrow leaf 
leafed crops
These are crop plant that their
leaves grow wide or broad in shape. They can be cut and spread on the ground
for drying grains and seeds like maize and melon. They can also be used to
cover compost manure during and after its preparation. Plant with broad leaves
include, plantain, banana, coco yam, Okra etc.
These are crop plants that their
leaves grow narrow in shape. They are usually found in monocotyledons crop
plants. The leaves are usually eaten by ruminants animals like cow, goat, and
sheep. Examples of narrow leaves crops include maize, rice, guinea corn, millet
and guinea grass, elephant grass.





Plantain plant leaves



Coconut plant
Water hyacent
            (i)       Explain broad and narrow leafed plants.
            (ii)      Give 4 examples of broad leafed crop
List 4 examples of narrow leafed
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