Definition and characteristics of plastic, ceramic, and rubber. Various uses of plastic, ceramic, and rubber materials in daily life. Basic Technology JSS 1 Second Term Lesson Notes Week 5

Subject: Basic Technology Class: JSS 1 Term: Second Term Week: 5 Topic: Plastic, Ceramic, Rubber Uses Duration: 40 minutes Entry Behaviour: Students are expected to have basic knowledge of different materials like plastic, ceramic, and rubber. Key Words: Plastic, Ceramic, Rubber, Uses, Materials Behavioural Objectives: By the end of the lesson, students should be able

Simple Present Tense Verbs – English Studies JSS1

  2ND TERM 2023-2024 FIRST FORM ORD ENGLISH STUDIES JSS1 Answer all questions Fill in the gaps with the simple present tense of the verbs in the bracket The Super Eagles ……….many matches (play) The baby ..soundly (sleep) Bisi… very hard (work) The driver.. .carelessly (drive) In an attempt to ……… rat, he got injured

French for JSS1 – Days, Months, and Arithmetic

    FRENCH JS1 1.Ecvivez les jours se la semaine 2a. Vingt + dix-huit = b. Cinquante moins (-) quarante = Ecrivez trios (3) dates importantes Ecrivez Les cinq premier mois de l’annee (write the first months of the year)   FRENCH JSS1 Écrivez les jours de la semaine: Lundi Mardi Mercredi Jeudi Vendredi Samedi

Notable Contemporary Artists in Nigeria and their works JSS 1 first Term LESSON NOTES CULTURAL AND CREATIVE ARTS

  Uche Okeke (Painter/Art Historian): Known for “The Terrible Warrior” (drawing). Alhaji S. Adetoro (Textile Designer/Art Educator): Notable works include “Royalty” and “Blue Crocodile.” Amoo Odion (Sculptor): Recognized for “Young Woman.” Dave (Textile Designer/Art Educator): Known for various prints. Dele Jegede (Painter): Renowned for “This is Lagos” (Painting). Olajide Oshiga (Painter): Notable work is “Truck

Rewards for Factors of Production JSS 1 Business Studies

Subject: Business Studies Class: JSS 1 Term: Second Term Week: 3 Topic: Rewards of the Factors of Production Sub-topic: Understanding Compensation for Land, Labor, Capital, and Entrepreneurship Duration: 40 minutes Entry Behaviour: Students should recall the four factors of production and their definitions. Key Words: Rent, Wages/Salaries, Interest, Profit Behavioral Objectives: By the end of

Type of Citizenship Civic Education JSS 1 Civic Education

Lesson Plan Presentation Class: Junior Secondary School 1 (JSS 1) Subject: Civic Education Topic: Citizenship Sub-topic: Types of Citizenship Duration: One Week Term: Second Term Week Overview: This week, we will explore the concept of citizenship, specifically focusing on different types of citizenship and the conditions under which they are acquired. Objectives: By the end

Honesty Civic Education Primary 2 First Term Lesson Notes Week 8

Class: Primary 2 Subject: Civic Education Topic: Types of National Values: Honesty Duration: 45 minutes Term: First Term Week: Week 8 Set Induction (5 minutes): Start the lesson by asking the students about what honesty means. Use simple scenarios to explain the concept of being truthful. Content: TYPES OF NATIONAL VALUES: HONESTY 🇳🇬 1. Honesty
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