FORMS OF AGRICULTURE (Cont’d) Jss1 First Term Agricultural Science



Livestock farming is a form of
agriculture that has to do with rearing or keeping of domesticated animals for
the production of milk, meat, hides and skins, egg and other purpose. Farm
animals commonly reared by livestock farmers include cattle, goats, pigs (in
the south only), sheep, rabbit, and poultry birds (e.g. fowls, turkey, duck,
There are two major ways of
practicing livestock farming in Nigeria. The traditional or extensive method
whereby the animals are left to fend for themselves with little or no
attention. There is no housing, no care and they are exposed to dangers. In the
northern part of Nigeria, the herdsmen or Fulani cattle rearers move their
animals from place to place in search of green pastures and water.
Under the intensive or modern
method, the animals enjoy proper management and care with organized housing,
balanced feeding, hygiene and control of diseases and pests.
(Bee Farming)
This is a form of agriculture that
has to do with deliberate keeping of bees as a business. It is quite different
from the natural type in the sense that the farmer creates artificial location
with enough raw materials in a potential bee path.

Beehives/Box-hives and wax
foundation sheets for each beehive.

Garments/wears for preventing bee
stings: Bee suits, boots/shoes, hive tool and smoker.

Knives, hand gloves, brush and
packaging bottles for processing.
Construction of Housing for Bee
Construct two-chamber wooden boxes
with a removable zinc or aluminum top liner coating and place in a location
that will attract bees. It is important to clear the environment to avoid bush
fire. Place about twenty (20) wax foundation sheets in each beehive. Put a
little honey or palm wine in a container and place in the box or beehive to
attract the bees. As many as 30 or more boxes can be set up in a small area.
As the bees feed on sweet foods of
plants, they make honey and deposit honey in the honeycomb until it becomes
ripe. Then the bees seal the comb, which becomes airtight and brownish in
colour. Harvesting is done as from 4-6 months. A box hive yields about 12
litres of honey every 4 weeks. Honey is very high in demand for health considerations. It can also
be used for producing creams ,candles.andmedicine , There is the need for the beginner to undergo training
by studying the behaviour of bees to avoid possible attack.
Define livestock farming.
List five types of domesticated
animals commonly reared by livestock farmers.
Explain the two major ways of
practicing livestock farming in Nigeria.
List the materials needed for
establishing bee farming.
Explain how bee-farming housing can
be constructed.
some uses of honey.
Sub-Topic 2:
Heliculture is the practice of
rearing or raising snails

It is in a class called mollusc

It is tough and blue-blooded

It is covered with shell

It has no threat to human health
when eaten as meat. It is instead recommended for diabetic patients, High Blood
Pressure (HBP) patients, and health conscious individuals. The liquid in its
body is recommended for the treatment of asthma, blood deficiency, etc. It is a
seasonal meat (found only in rainy season). There is therefore, high demand for
snail as meat hence, the need to keep it domestically.
Housing Requirements:
The houses are of various forms to
suit your need in terms of space and capital available.

Piled motor tyres with net lid

Pots or drums constructed

Hutches or cages/boxed fenced pens

Plantain plantation fenced with net
Management/Skills Required
 Choose the breed that can lay more eggs – male
and female.
It is cheaper than any other
livestock to run comparing the input with the expected return. The labour is
simple and feeding is not costly. The source of breed is very simple – you
purchase the breed that will benefit your project in terms of high yield.
Snails feed on green leaves of cocoyam, cassava, pawpaw, spinach, waterleaf,
centrosemna and unripe fruits such as pawpaw, banana, plantain, tomato, etc;
tubers and flowers. Salt should not be added to any snail feed to prevent them
from dying.

List 4 various house forms of snail.

State 4 reasons why the demand of
snail meat is high in the society.

State five different feeds of
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