Meaning, Definition and Importance of Agriculture AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE JSS 1 FIRST TERM

Meaning, Definition and Importance of Agriculture   AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE  JSS 1  FIRST TERM


TOPIC: Meaning, Definition and Significance of Agriculture
1. Meaning of Agriculture
2. Definition of
3. Importance of
1.Meaning of
The term
“agriculture” is derived type two Latin phrases “ager” which implies discipline and
“cultura” which implies to domesticate. Actually, agriculture means discipline
cultivation. Subject refers to a farmland the place crops or animals are taken care
of. Cultivation refers back to the act of nurturing or caring for crops.
Definitions of Agriculture
     In accordance
to an author, Agriculture by definition, is an artwork involving the manufacturing of
crops and animals for using man. This use could also be within the type of meals,
buildings, ornaments and clothes or it might be within the type of uncooked supplies for
one other sense, agriculture
is the artwork and science of cultivating the land for the manufacturing of crops and
rearing of animals for man’s use.
It includes not solely the
administration of the soil, crops and animals but additionally the disposal of crops and
animals together with their by – merchandise by means of advertising.
Point out the 2 Latin phrases from
which the time period “agriculture” is derived.
Actually, what does agriculture
check with?
Outline agriculture.
– Topic
2: Significance of Agriculture.
A.     The vital of agriculture to the
is import to the farmer within the following methods:

Agriculture supplies meals for the
farmer to maintain him and his household alive. Meals is the supply of Carbohydrates,
Proteins, Fat and Oils, Nutritional vitamins and Minerals required and improvement.

It supplies earnings (cash) from the
gross sales of farm produce for native farmers.

It offers shelters for the farmer
and his domesticated animals. Roofing and furnishing supplies used for
constructing are supplied type agriculture.

It gives transport (e.g. Camels.
Donkeys and horses) are beasts of burden for carrying individuals and farm produce.

It supplies gasoline wooden/firewood as
supply of vitality for cooking.

It supplies herbs and different
substances, which function medicinal helps to the individuals.

It supplies employment for a lot of
individuals. About 70% of the Nigerian populations are farmers. They’re
self-employed in native farming.
B.    Significance of agriculture to
the society.
The significance of agriculture to the
speedy society can’t be overemphasized. Individuals shifting within the streets, in
the workplace or in class on the finish of every day actions want (meals, clothes,
shelter) and different requirements to life most of which come from agricultural
sector. Subsequently, each member of each family within the society relies upon
instantly or not directly on agriculture for every day sustenance.
Vital of agriculture to the

supplies employment for many individuals in most African Nations. Majority of
these individuals are farmers they usually produce meals for the nation.

 Uncooked supplies for Industries.
supplies uncooked supplies akin to Cottons for textile mills; timber for noticed mills,
cocoa and low for beverage making, and so on. this exhibits that almost all r t of the
industries in       
alternate for nations
surplus produce of a rustic will be exported to extend the overseas
alternate  e.g. Nigeria alternate cocoa,
rubber for electronics, fridges, followers, and so on from nations like Japan and
     Supply of Nationwide Revenue:
is Nigeria’s second largest supply of Nationwide earnings/wealth after oil. Income
is realized from authorities gross sales of agricultural industries as properly as export duties.
State the aim of agriculture to
the farmer.
Clarify why agriculture is vital
to the society.
Why are the pupils, college students,
employers, the jobless within the society capable of survive from each day?
Why is agriculture considered a
supply of vitality to the farmer?
What’s the significance of
agriculture to the nation?
Weekend  Exercise.

Make a listing of 10 crops and 5 animal gadgets helpful to man.


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