Mr. Usman Bado walked up to the ticket office for Dami Airlines and bought two tickets. The cashier asked, ‘Sir, do you have any luggage to check in?’

“Yes,” answered Uncle Usman. “One suitcase”. He put it on the scale and a Dami Airlines worker put a label on it and took it away.

Uncle, the man is carrying our suitcase away. What is he going to do with it? Asked Bala.

“We can’t carry our heavy suitcase inside the place. It has to be put in a place under the plane”.

Uncle Usman paid the air port tax and he and Bala walked towards the plane. It was parked on the tarmac. Its door was opened and a stairway was stood at the entrance of the plane. An air hostess was standing there. When Uncle Usman and Bala walked inside, she said “You’re welcome. Your seats are here. “Your seat numbers are E1 and E2”.

She told all the passengers, please, sit down and fasten your seat belt”.

Bala smiled broadly and sat near a window. Uncle Usman showed him how to fasten a seat belt”. “May I walk to the back of the plane? Asked Bala.

Uncle Usman replied, “Not yet”. Wait till the plane has taken off. The air hostess will tell us when we can leave our seats”.

Bala settled into his seat and looked around him. He was sure he would enjoy the flight to Lagos.

Answer these questions:

  1. Where did Uncle Usman buy their tickets?
  2. Where was their suitcase put on the plane? _________________________________________
  3. Who welcomed them? _________________________________________________________
  4. Could they sit anywhere they like? How do you know? _______________________________
  5. Why do you think Bala could not walk to the back of the plane?



Section B: English Grammar

Instructions: Answer all questions

Choose the correct answer from the options A, B, C and D. the answer you choose must be in the perfect tense.

  1. She apologized to me for what she _____ (a) has done (b) had done (c) did (d) do
  2. The Prime Minister praised the soldiers for they _____ bravely in the battle
  3. fought (b) has fought (c) had fought (d) has been fighting
  4. The pilot _____ the air port by four O’clock. (a) left (b) was left (c) leaving (d) has left
  5. As soon as I _____ my homework, I had my lunch.
  6. had finished (b) finish (c) has finish (d) finished
  7. He ______ by a bee and his nose was swollen.
  8. sting (b) stung (c) had been stung (d) has been stung

Choose the correct answer from the options A, B, C and D. The answer you choose must be in the Future Continuous Tense

  1. My sister will be _____ for our school at the inter school meet next year
  2. Ran (b) run (c) running (d) runner
  3. Will your sister be _____ married next year (a) getting (b) gets (c) got (d) get
  4. We will be _____ for Johannesburg tomorrow. (a) leave (b) leaving (c) left (d) leaves
  5. “My class will be _____ up their books in the evening”, said the teacher.
  6. Passing (b) pass (c) passed (d) passes
  7. The doctor will be _____ on the dangers of drugs (a) talk (b) talking (c) talked (d) talks

Choose the correct answer from the options A, B, C and D. your answers must be in Past Continuous Tense

  1. The child ____ with his friend when he heard a loud bang.
  2. Play (b) played (c) is playing (d) was playing
  3. The people _____ for the rain to come.
  4. was praying (b) is praying (c) prayed (d) were praying
  5. The sister _____ to score a goal when the referee blew the whistle
  6. was going (b) gone (c) goes (d) were going
  7. Last night, my sister _____ cold, so he drew the blanket close to him
  8. feel (b) is feeling (c) was feeling (d) were feeling
  9. The boys ____ the camp when the girls arrived
  10. is leaving (b) leave (c) were leaving (d) left

Choose the correct answer from the options. Your answer must be a Gerund or Infinitive

  1. ___________ a person is a serious offence (a) to kill (b) killed (c) was killed (d) kills
  2. She looks ___________ pretty dresses for her doll (a) sew (b) sews (c) sewing (d) sewed
  3. It is dangerous ___________ a car without holding the steering wheel.
  4. drive (b) to drive (c) to driving (d) drove

Choose the correct answer from the options

  1. Science __________ certainly not my favourite subject (a) are (b) is (c) has (d) have
  2. Half the factories in the town ________ closed down. (a) is (b) are (c) has (d) have

Section C: English Composition

Instruction: Choose one only out of the questions

  1. You were given a double promotion following your outstanding performance in the last promotion examination. Write a letter to your friend telling him / her how you prepare, who prepared you and other efforts put in to give you this outstanding success.
  2. Write a letter to your elder sister explaining the reasons for your inability to pay her a Christmas visit as earlier planned.
  3. Your close friend was not opportune to come to your birthday party. Write a letter telling your friend how your birthday was celebrated.

NB: Your letter should not be less than 170 words.