Ways of keeping Fit


Subject: Civic Education



Topic: Ways of Keeping fit.





Keeping fit is necessary for physical growth and development.


The following are some of the ways of keeping fit:


(1)Eat good and nutritious food regularly and avoid fatty and canned foods


(2) Exercise regularly.


(3)Eat fresh and washed fruits regularly.


(4) Live in a clean environment.


(5)Drink a good quantity of potable water.


(6)Wear clean and well–laundered clothes


(7) Avoid overcrowding.


(8) Take the recommended immunisation against deadly diseases.


(9) Have at least 8– 10 hours of sleep daily. Also, you must go early to bed.



Evaluation questions
(1) Mention at least seven things we can do to keep fit.


(2) List some changes you noticed on your body as a sign of growth and development.

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