Relationships between foods and nutrition and other subjects.



Subject: Food and nutrition

Topic: Careers in foods and nutrition

Content :

(i) Relationships between foods and nutrition and other subjects.                                                          

 (ii) Self employment.


Sub-Topic 1: Relationships between foods and nutrition and other subjects.

Foods and nutrition is related to virtually every subject especially the sciences and social sciences.

In the area of science; foods and nutrition is directly related to biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and indirectly related to social sciences like psychology, economics, history and others. The knowledge of science plays vital role in the explanation and understanding of the concept,process and methodology of foods and nutrition as a course of study. The following subjects below have relationship with foods and nutrition:

  1. Biology: many concepts taught in biology are applied in the study of foods and nutrition. Such biological concepts like digestive system, digestive system, digestion and absorption processes, reproduction, etc also apply in the foods and nutrition. The knowledge of these concepts is useful in the learning of foods and nutrition as a subject.
  2. Biochemistry and Chemistry: chemistry is important in the study of the reactions and chemical structures of foods and the related substances such as enzymes. This therefore makes knowledge of chemistry very valuable in foods and nutrition study.

The knowledge of biochemistry and chemistry helps to determine the foods nutrients composition and toxic substances in food by appropriate chemical procedures. Nutritionist need to have adequate knowledge of these disciplines in order to understand the chemical reactions in the food that goes in the body.

  • Microbiology: food rich in nutrients is a good environment for microorganisms, bacteria and moulds. Microbiology studies the biology and activities of microorganisms in order to identify their roles in food spoilage and food preservation.
  1. Physics: the knowledge of physics helps to explain the dynamicsof heat involvement in foods and nutrition. Convection, radiation and conduction which are the different methods of heat transfer are well understood as a result of this knowledge.
  2. Mathematics: mathematical concepts such as quantities, ratios, measurements, volumes are applied in foods and nutrition practical. Knowledge of mathematics, assist in calculations in foods and nutrition.
  3. Agriculture: in agriculture, there is the production of improved and high yielding crops and animals for human consumption. Nutritionists are concerned with the processing, utilization, storage and preservation of the agricultural crops and livestock products.
  • Physiology: this is a branch of biology that is concerned with the utilization of nutrients for the normal functioning of the human body, and elimination of the toxic waste products from the body. The nutritionists must know how the body system works.
  • Food science: the deals with the basic chemical, biochemical, physical and biophysical properties of foods and they constituents, thus very closely related to foods and nutrition.
  1. Home economics: this deals with the preparation and service of food different dishes, wise purchasing of food, and home storage.
  2. Education: this is concerned with enlightenment programmes which can be in form of extension education programs for rural and urban dwellers.
  3. Medicine: nutrition is related to medicine in that many nutritional diseases have their root in malnutrition (under nutrition and over nutrition). Such diseases require diet therapy to increase resistance to infection.

Sub topic 2:  Self employment.

After graduation from any of the fields of foods and nutrition, the graduate can set up a career in establishments such as restaurant, fast foods and eateries, food vending using cool storage, etc.

People who establish these businesses also provide jobs for others.

Other areas where foods and nutrition experts can be self-employed include the following:

  • Nutrition counselors
  • Foods and nutrition editors
  • Foods and nutrition authors
  • Food product researchers.


Self-employment makes certain demands on the individual. In order to be self employed, the following factors should be considered:

  1. Financial status of the individuals.
  2. Self assessment of interests and abilities
  3. Exploring viable career options.
  4. Expected income from the business.
  5. Choice of an occupation
  6. Location of business site

Having considered these factors, one will be better equipped to establish a viable business venture.


  1. Briefly explain the relationship between food and nutrition and five other subject areas.
  2. Describe other job options available in foods and nutrition.

General evaluation:

Objective test:

  1. The knowledge of physics is important in the foods and nutrition study in the area of……..
    1. Absorption processes
    2. Heat application
    3. Food preservation
    4. Hospitality management.
  2. ……………. Is a long term or life- long or occupation.
    1. Course
    2. Bank
    3. Career
    4. Practice
  3. Other areas where foods and nutrition experts can be self-employed include the following:
    1. Foods and nutrition editors
    2. Nutrition counselors
    3. Foods and nutrition authors
    4. All of the above
  4. A graduate of foods and nutrition can set up a career in which of these
    1. Nutrition counselors
    2. Foods and nutrition editors
    3. foods and nutrition researchers.
    4. All of the above.
  5. One of the following factors should be considered in self employment
    1. financial status of the individuals
    2. self assessment of interests and abilities.
    3. exploring viable career options
    4. All of the above.


(1) Describe the interdisciplinary nature of foods and nutrition

(2) In case you are not employed after graduation, what area of interest would you like to develop and go into?

(3) What are the factors to consider when setting up a business?

Weekend assignment:

Read Evans food and nutrition for senior secondary school 1 by F.A. Bakare et el; (pages10-14)

Pre- reading assignment:

Read about basic food nutrients.

Reference texts:

  1. Evans food and nutrition for SSS book 1 by F.A et al; Evans brothers Nigeria limited.
  2. Exam focus foods and nutrition for WASSCE and SSCE by J.O Olusanya et al University press.