Personal Hygiene (Clothes)


Class:Basic 4

Subject: Civic Education
Topic: Personal Hygiene (Clothes)

Personal Hygiene can be defined as keeping the body and the environment clean for healthy living or keeping oneself clean for healthy living.

Clothing Under Personal Hygiene
Clothing are materials we used to cover our body.
There are made from cotton , wool, leathers , etc

Reason for wearing clothes

(1) To keep our body warm
(2) To cover our nakedness
(3) To make us look meat and attractive
(4) Clothing makes us to have Sense of identity.

How To Keep Our Clothes Clean.
(1) By washing with soap and clean water
(2) By spreading them to dry .
(3) Separation: White Clothes should be separated from the coloured clothes and washed separately.
(4) Bleech should be used to remove stains from white clothes.
(5) Clothes should be ironed after washing and drying to keep germs away.
(6) Clothes should be kept in boxes and wardrobe after being ironed.

(1) What is personal hygiene?
(2) What is clothing ?
(3) Give two reasons for wearing clothes
(4) State two ways to keep our clothes clean.

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