Helping Accident Victims


Subject: Civic Education


Topic: Meaning of Accident and Accident Victims


An accident is an unplanned event that happens suddenly or unexpectedly and causes harm and damage to human beings and prosperity. Accidents have serious and damaging effects on lives and property. They can occur anywhere and anytime.

When an accident occurs on the road, it is called road traffic accident. Road traffic accidents can occur between a moving vehicle and another road user on foot . It could be between two or more vehicles. Road traffic accidents can cause burns , broken skin and bones. It could lead to loss of a part of the body or instant death in serious cases.

Accident Victims are those who are involved in accidents . They are helpless people who need our attention and care . They didn’t plan for what happened to them , neither did they know that it was going to happen.


Our attitude to accident Victims must be positive. Examples of positive attitude to accident Victims include:

(1) Friendliness


(3) Material assistance


Evaluation questions

(1) What is an Accident ?

(2) Who are the accident Victims?

(3) What are the attitude towards accident Victims?

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