Products Of Technology

Subject : BASIC Science and Technology 


Class : BASIC 4 


Topic : Products of Technology 


Term :Third Term 


Week :Week 3


Behavioural Objectives :At the end of the lesson, the pupils should be able to mention various types of products that have come into existence because of technology 


Previous Knowledge :The pupils have been taught Definition of technology and importance of Technology 


Instructional Materials : Textbooks, Model plane, toy cars, pictures of different types of products of technology 


Content : Technology is the process of applying science to solve our dsy to day challenges, problems or difficulties

Man in his quest to make life more pleasurable and enjoyable, has developed a lot of gadgets, tools, instruments and devices to make life to be more fun. 

Thses products of systematic ways of solving problems are called products of technology.


Examples of products of technology are 

  1. Street lights 
  2. Mobile phones 
  3. Automobiles 
  4. Power bikes 
  5. Lorries 
  6. Speed boats 
  7. Aeroplanes 
  8. Helicopters 
  9. Ocean liners
  10. Tricycles 
  11. Laptops 
  12. Desk top computers 
  13. Notepad 
  14. Blackberry phones 
  15. Internet 
  16. Cable TV 
  17. Radio 
  18. Television 
  19. Cable TV 
  20. Speed boats 

Presentation : The topic is presented step by step 


Step 1 : The teacher revises the previuous topics 


Step 2 : He introduces the new topic 


Step 3: He allows the pupils to give their own contributions and he corrects them when the needs arise 


Evaluation : Mention 10 products of technology 


Conclusion : He does the correction and he goes round to mark 


Assignment :  


Write out five ICT gadgets


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