Types of Special Building In Special Places

Subject :BASIC Science and Technology

Class :BASIC 4

Term :Third Term

Week :Week 9

Topic :  Types of Building in special places, examples of public buildings

Previous Knowledge : The pupils have been taught identification and Types of Building

Instructional Materials : wallcharts, cardboard, samples or model of building pictures etc

Behavioural Objectives :At the end of the lesson pupils should be able to mention various public buildings that are used for public events


Special buildings are build for special events. Most of these buildings are privately owned while some are owned by governments for public functions


Examples of privately owned buildings that maybe used for public functions are

  • Event centres
  • Mosques
  • Churches
  • Plaza etc

Examples of government owned building are

  • Schools
  • Hospital
  • Government office




Step 1. He revives the previous topics

Step 2 : He introduces the new topic 

Step 3 : He allows the   people to give their own contributions 




Mention four types of special building in public places 



He gives a brief note and he goes round to mark 




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