Basic Science and Technology Review and Révision

Subject : BASIC Science and Technology


Class : Basic 4


Term : Third Term


Week : Week 1


Topic : Revision of second Term work


  1. What is food
  2. What are harmful food
  3. Why do we eat food
  4. What are bad feeding habits
  5. What is balanced diet
  6. How many classes of food do we have
  7. Mention the classes of food that we have
  8. Mention two uses of food
  9. Another name for energy food giving food is
  10. Another name for body building food is
  11. What are vitamins
  12. Carrots 🥕, potatoes 🥔 okra and lettuce are all examples of
  13. Why do we eat food 🍲
  14. A tooth is formed by the extension of the human
  15. We must brush our teeth…….. times in a day
  16. The incisors are used for….
  17. The molar is used for
  18. What is evaporation
  19. What is condensation
  20. What are weeds
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