Scheme of Work Third Term Primary 6 Civic Education

Third Term Scheme of Work For Civic Education





2.Revision of Second Term’s Work


Week 2

Civil Society

(A). Examples of civil society groups in Nigeria –
CLO, Human rights CD, NADECO

(B). meaning of civil society groups e.g CLO means civil liberty organization


Week 3

More On Civil society

(A). Functions of civil society groups in Nigeria

(B). Problem of civil society in Nigeria.


Week 4 :

Moral aspect of drug education

  1. How to protect our health and the health of Others
  2. Concept of right and wrong, good and bad health habit
  3. Religious and traditional beliefs on drug Abuse


Week 5

(A). Drugs that are commonly abused

(B). Effect of drug abuse


Week 6

Drug laws and their enforcement

(A). Meaning of drugs trafficking

(B). Consequences of drug trafficking


Week 7

(A). Agencies responsible for enforcing drugs Laws e.g NDLEA, custom and exercise

(B). Functions of drugs laws enforcement agencies


Week 8

Revision 1st Term Civic Education Primary 6


Week 9

Revision 2nd Term Civic Education Primary 6


Week 10

Revision 3rd Term Civic Education Primary 6


Week 11



Week 12

Compilation of results and vacation

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