: PRIMARY 6     
                                                                 SUBJECT: CIVIC EDUCATION
Part A: Objectives Instruction: Read the following questions and pick the best option from given alternatives  
(1.)   Tolerance is an act of ______ (a) enduring (b) disagreement (c) fighting
(2.)   Peace keeping in the society is an attribute that should be _____ (a) discouraged (b) encourage (c) not allowed
(3.)   OFR means _________ (a) order of the family republic (b) order of the federal republic (c) order of friendship republic
(4.)   Non-national symbols are for ______ (a) schools and private sectors (b) home and children (c) street and children
(5.)   Honours and awards are given to encourage ______ (a) excellence (b) shame (c) cheating
(6.)   Goods brought into the country from abroad are called _____ goods (a) imported (b) exported (c) reproduced
(7.)   All the following are values that promote peace except ______ (a) cooperation (b) truancy (c) tolerance
(8.)   Patriotism means ______ (a) hatred for one’s country (b) love for one’s country (c) cheating for one’s country
9.)   UBE means __________ (a) universal basic enjoyment (b) unlimited benefit employment (c) universal basic education
(10.) ICPC was established and inaugurated on the (a) 12th April 1967 (b) 29th September 2000 (c) 15th May 1999
11.) The following are examples of National symbols except _____ (a) National flag (b) Nigeria coat of arm (c) school bag
(12.) The following values relate to nationalism and patriotism except _____ (a) courage (b) smuggling (c) selflessness
(13.) The objective of trade union is to _________ the interest of their members (a) dash (b) frustrate (c) protect
(14.) The following are government institutions except ____ (a) SON (b) NDLEA (c) WWF
(15.) The main aim of political parties is to _______ elections (a) conduct (b) rig (c) participate and win
(16.) A party ________ contains the aims policies and programmes of a political party (a) election (b) manifesto (c) electorate
(17.) EFCC is set up to punish ______ offenders (a) financial (b) moral (c) civil
(18.) It is the duty of _______ to protect and facilitate consumers’ right and protection in Nigeria (a)  ICPC (b) SON (c) EFCC    
{19.) The universal basic education in Nigeria is made up of _____ years of basic education (a) six (b) nine (c) four
(20.) A ________ is a person that is not a citizen of our country but is living with us (a) foe (b) friend (c) foreigner  
Part B: Theory
(1.)   Write out in full four political parties in Nigeria   (a)_______________________________           
(b) ____________________________
(d) ________________________________  
(2.)   State the full meaning of these four government institutions in Nigeria
(a) NAFDAC____________________________
EFCC_______________________________ (d)
(3.)   Write out the following if full
(a)  NEEDS __________________________________________________________________
(b)  UBE ____________________________________________________________________
(c)  SEEDS __________________________________________________________________
(d)  LEEDS __________________________________________________________________  
(4.)   Mention four reasons why foreigners live among us in Nigeria   (a) ________________________________            (b)
(c) ________________________________            (d)
(5.)   Explain any four features on the Nigerian Coat of Arm    
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