Civic Education Primary 6 Second Term Examination

Part A: Objectives
Instruction: Read the following questions and pick the best option from given alternatives
1.) A ________ is an individual who has the legal right to live permanently in a particular country
(a) citizen (b) foreigner (c) president (d) woman
2.) A foreigner can become a member of a country by _______
(a) citizenship (b) national (c) naturalization (d) slavery
3.) Foreigners live among us because of the following reasons except _____
(a) economic reason (b) vacation (c) tourism (d) assassination
4.) The following are foreigners in Nigeria except _____
(a) Lagosians (b) Americans (c) Europeans (d) Ghanians
5.) Before becoming a citizen, a foreigner must have lived in Nigeria for _____ years
(a) 2 (b) 10 (c) 15 (d) 25
6.) NGO means _____________ (a) Near Government Officer (b) Non-Governmental Organizations (c) No going out (d) all of the above

7.) A _____________ is a native of a country (a) foreigner (b) fugitive (c) citizen (d) terrorist
8.) Which of the following is not a government institution in Nigeria _____
(a) WHO (b) NAFDAC (c) EFCC (d) NDLEA
9.) The act of working together towards the achievement of a goal is called ____
(a) patriotism (b) cooperation (c) tolerance (d) education
10.) The eagle on the Nigerian coat of Arms stands for _____
(a) strength (b) dignity (c) love (d) River Niger
11.) All these are foreigners in Nigeria except a/an ____
(a) English (b) Nigerian (c) British (d) Iraqi
12.) Foreigners are among us (a) to work (b) for business (c) for tourism (d) all of the above
13.) The umbrella body for all workers in Nigeria is the ______
(a) INEC (b) NCC (c) EFCC (d) NBA
14.) The __________ is saddle with the responsibility of arresting and prosecuting corrupt public officers and fraudsters (a) NDLEA (b) EFCC (c) SON (d) INEC

15.) One of these is not a national symbols
(a) currency (b) coats of Arms (c) National flag (d) Lagos State
16.) The ________ is not a major ethnic group in Nigeria (a) TIV (b) Yoruba (c) Hausa (d) Igbo
17.) The ________ is the government establishment that conducts election
(a) INEC (b) FAO (c) UNO (d) APC

18.) The Lingua Franca of a nation is her ______
(a) Coat of Arms (b) Official language (c) Currency (d) National Anthem
19.) There are ______________ geo political zones in Nigeria (a) 6 (b) 3 (c) 100 (d) 125
20.) The Nigerian national flag was designed by ______ (a) Mr. Benedict Odiase
(b) Chief Obafemi Awolowo (c) Mr. Taiwo Akinkunmi (d) Chief Raymond Dokpesi

Part B: Theory
1.) Write out in full meaning
(a) NAFDAC ________________________________________________________________
(b) NDLEA__________________________________________________________________
(c) SON ____________________________________________________________________
(d) EFCC____________________________________________________________________
(e) NLC ____________________________________________________________________

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