Third Term Examination Jss 2 Third Term

Section A.

Answer all the questions

  1. Communication in secondary school system flow from the………. to the students. {a} principal {b} teachers {c} headmistress {d} prefects
  2. ………. regulates at any given time where the students should be and what they should be doing {a} school time out {b} school rules and regulations {c} school Bell {c} the assrmbly
  3. A student that steals is always…… {a} expelled {b} promoted {c} beaten {d} aspire
  4. Prizes are given in the school system to…… students {a} improve {b} warn {c) encourage {d} disappoint
  5. Informal education is received in………. {a} school {b} non educational institutions {c} nursery and primary schools {d}tertiary institution
  6. An important incentive to increase the effectiveness of members of the school community in the performance of their duties is…………{a}late payment of salaries {b} punishment {c} social engagement {d} rewards and appreciation
  7. One of these products is always dried up before being bagged and exported {a} yam {b} cocoa {c} cashew {d} plantain
  8. …….. is the keeping and preserving of objects not needed fir immediate consumption {a} refrigeration {b} wastage {c} wisdom {d} storage.
  9. One of the following is not a way of storage {a} sealing {b} borrowing {c} drying {d} refrigeration
  10. One major problem facing agricultural production in Nigeria is……. {a} low output {b} excessive production {c} under production {d} lack of storage facility


Part B


  1. What is savings

  2. Mention two ways of saving in the olden days

  3. Mention the modern ways of saving money

  4. What is bank liquidation

  5. What are mineral resources

  6. Mention four natural resources that can be found in Nigeria

  7. What do you understand by the word “developed country”

  8. What are cash crops

  9. The main foreign income earner for Nigerian economy is

  10. What is transportation

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