Direct Specch and Indirect Speech

Date : Friday 17th April, 2020

C lass : Basic 6

Subject : English Grammar

Topic : Direct speech and Indirect Speech

Direct Speech
Direct speech is the actual words of the speaker.

It is the words of the speaker as it has been spoken by him or her.

Key Points On Direct Speech

  1. Direct speech is always written in quotation marks (” ”)

  2. Direct speech is always written in present tense

  3. It may be a declaration of a known fact.

  4. Direct speech is always introduced with a personal pronoun like I, you he, she, we, they or as the case may be.

  5. Most verbs that are used with direct speech are always preceeded by modal verbs or auxiliary verbs like am, is, can, may etc

  6. Some sentences are always written with adverbs like today, tomorrow, yesterday etc

Indirect Speech

Indirect speech is also known as reported speech.

It is obtained when the actual words of the speaker is retold by another person.

Key Points On Indirect Speech
1. Indirect speech is always introduced with the word (that)

  1. The tense of indirect speech is expressed in past tense
  2. The tense may also be written in present tense if the statement is a declaration of known facts.

  3. The personal pronouns in indirect speech will change due to the gender of the speaker

  4. Modal verbs are changed from present tense to past tense eg. is ===was
    are. ===were
    can === could. etc

  5. Adverbs like today, yesterday or tomorrow are replaced with that day, the previous day, the next day or as the case may be


  1. Direct Speech. = Daddy said ‘”” I am happy “”

Indirect Speech = Daddy said that he was happy

  1. Direct Speech = Mummy said “” I can draw a basket “”

IIndirect Speech = Mummy said that she could draw a basket

  1. Direct Speech =The farmers said “” The fruits are ripe “”

Indirect Speech = The farmers said that the fruits were ripe

  1. Direct Speech = Mr Bolujo said “” I will travel to London tomorrow “”

Indirect Speech = Mr Bolujo said that he would travel to London the next day

Class work

Rewrite the following Direct Speech in Indirect Speech

  1. Direct Speech =. Daddy said “” I am tired

Indirect speech = ________________________________________________________________

  1. Direct Speech = Mummy said
    “” I can prepare Pounded yam “”

Indirect speech = ________________________________________________________________

  1. The coach shouted “” go out “”

Indirect speech = ________________________________________________________________

  1. The bank director said “” I may grant you loan if you apply for it “”

Indirect speech = ________________________________________________________________



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