Drug Abuse Causes Reasons and Effects

Date Thursday 16th April 2020

Class: Basic 5

Subject: Civic Education

Topic: Drug Abuse

( definition, factors causing it and effects)

Drug abuse is the use of drugs without doctor’s prescription. Drug abuse can also be defined as the wrong use of a drug or an improper way of taken drugs.

Drugs are substances given or administered to be taken at a particular time of the day to cure certain diseases.

These drugs are referred to as medicine and could be inform of syrups, tablets or capsule to relief pains, cure cough, cold or influenza.

Examples are paracetamol, cofflin, pro-cold, etc.
Factors that contribute to drug abuse:

1.) Availability of drugs around us

2.) Influence of peer group or pressure

3.) Poor drug control

4.) Ignorance or poor knowledge of the dangers of drugs.

The Effects of Drug Abuse are:

a.) Restlessness.

b.) over reaction

c.) Mental disorder.

d.) Aggressive behavior

e.) Loss of weight due to lack of appetite

f.) Indebtedness.

g.) Death

Review Questions:

1.)The wrong use or improper way of taking drugs is known as _________________________.
2.)Mention two factors that contributes to drug abuse :
____________________________, ____________________________
3.) List four effects of drug abuse: ____________________________, ____________________________
____________________________, ____________________________
4.) ___________________ are substances taken to cure pain and sickness.
5.) Another name for drugs is _________________________.
6.) Drugs in liquid form is called ______________, while those in solid forms are known as ____________.


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