Third Term Mid Term Test English Language Primary 5 Third Term Lesson Notes Week 7


Subject :English Grammar

Class :Primary 5

Term :Third Term

Week: 7

Class: Basic 5

Subject: English Grammar

Topic : Third Term Mid Term Test For The Week 7

Part A

Comprehension Passage

Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow

The Reward for Kindness

Once upon a time in the bustling town of Ikorodu, Lagos State, there lived four friends named Adeyemi, Babatunde, Fidelis, and Ayomide. They were known for their kind hearts and willingness to help others.

One sunny afternoon, as they were walking home from school, they came across an elderly woman struggling to carry a heavy bag of groceries. Without hesitation, Adeyemi rushed forward and offered to help. Babatunde and Fidelis joined in, relieving the woman of her burden. Ayomide, noticing that the woman looked tired, suggested they walk her home.

Grateful for their assistance, the elderly woman introduced herself as Mama Ola and invited the friends inside. She shared stories of her youth and the importance of kindness. Impressed by their compassion and good character, Mama Ola decided to reward the boys.

A few days later, Mama Ola called the boys together and presented them with a surprise. She had arranged for them to visit a nearby wildlife conservation center. Excited, the friends embarked on an adventure filled with close encounters with exotic animals.

As they explored the conservation center, Adeyemi, Babatunde, Fidelis, and Ayomide realized that their act of kindness had not only helped Mama Ola, but it had also brought them an unforgettable experience. They understood that being kind and selfless had its own rewards, and it filled their hearts with joy.

From that day forward, the friends continued to spread kindness throughout Ikorodu. Their acts of goodwill not only brightened the lives of others but also enriched their own. They learned that true rewards lie in the smiles and gratitude of those they helped, and in the happiness that kindness brings to the world


Answers the following questions

Who were the four friends in the story? A) Adeyemi, Babatunde, Fidelis, and Ayomide b) Samuel, David, Emma, and Grace c) Michael, Sarah, James, and Lucy d) John, Peter, Elizabeth, and Mary
Where did the story take place? A) Ibadan, Oyo State b) Enugu, Enugu State c) Ikorodu, Lagos State d) Abuja, Federal Capital Territory
What did Adeyemi, Babatunde, and Fidelis help the elderly woman with? A) Cooking dinner b) Repairing a car c) Carrying groceries d) Walking her dog
What is the name of the elderly woman in the story? A) Mama Tolu b) Mama Ola c) Mama Chika d) Mama Funmi
How did Ayomide contribute to helping the elderly woman? A) He carried the heavy bag of groceries. B) He walked her home. C) He shared stories of his youth. D) He arranged a surprise gift for her

Part B

Lexis and Structure

Answer the following questions

11. My sister enjoys playing basketball, _____ my brother prefers soccer.

a) so

b) but

c) or

d) because

12. The weather was hot _____ we decided to go swimming.

a) and

b) so

c) because

d) if

13. I studied hard _____ I could pass the test.

a) or

b) but

c) so

d) if

14. She wants to be a doctor _____ she loves helping people.

a) but

b) if

c) because

d) and

15. I am not sure if I should wear the blue shirt _____ the red one.

a) so

b) or

c) because

d) but

16. The movie was long _____ it was also very interesting.

a) or

b) and

c) but

d) so

17. I want to go to the park, _____ my parents want to stay home.

a) so

b) but

c) if

d) and

18. John can play the guitar _____ the piano.

a) so

b) or

c) but

d) and

19. We need to finish our homework quickly _____ we can go outside and play.

a) so

b) if

c) and

d) because

20. My friend likes to read books, _____ I prefer watching movies.

a) and

b) but

c) or

d) so

Part C


Write out a short composition on the topic

“My School” by fill the black spaces

Title: Composition on My School

1. My school’s name is ________________.

2. It is located at ________________.

3. The school has a big ________________.

4. There are ________________ classrooms in my school.

5. We have a very big ________________ where we play during break time.

6. Our school has a ________________ where we eat our lunch.

7. The teachers in my school are ________________ and ________________.

8. I love my school because ________________.

9. In my school, we learn subjects like ________________ and ________________.

10. The name of the Headmistress of my school is ________________


Part D


Answer the following questions

1.  Why was Akume is such a hurry to get home?________________

a) he was feeling pressed

b) he was sad

c) he was terribly hungry

d) he wanted to break the good news to his parents

2. Ene celebrated Akume’s achievement by ________________

a) starving her family for one week

b) preparing a special meal for the family

c) inviting her neighbour to a feast

d) offering a special sacrifice to God Almighty

3. Akume’s family had their hopes ________________ by the good news

a) shattered

b) restored

c) shaken

d) destroyed

4.. In what way did Ene support her family. By ________________

a) borrowing some money

b) paying some school levies

c) leaving the house early and coming back late

d) selling off some personal stuff that are no longer needed

5. Akume’s best friend was ________________

a) Tony

b) Eric

c) Abraham

d) Andrew