Negative Attitudes and Behaviour To work


Civic Education


First Term


Week 4




Previous lesson: Pupils have previous knowledge of

Right Attitudes To Work (Cont)

that was taught in their previous lesson



Negative Attitudes and Behaviour To work



Behavioural objectives: At the end of the lesson, the pupils should be able to

  • say the meaning of negative attitude to work
  • write out examples of bad attitude to work
  • say the reward of bad attitude to work


Instructional Materials:

  • Wall charts
  • Pictures
  • Related Online Video
  • Flash Cards

Methods of Teaching:

  • Class Discussion
  • Group Discussion
  • Asking Questions
  • Explanation
  • Role Modelling
  • Role Delegation


Reference Materials:

  • Scheme of Work
  • Online Information
  • Textbooks
  • Workbooks
  • 9 Year Basic Education Curriculum
  • Workbooks


Negative Attitudes and Behaviour To work

What is the meaning of a negative attitude to work?

A negative attitude at work is an employee’s unfavorable disposition or opinion about their job, fellow workers, or company policies. This can manifest itself in a number of different ways, such as complaining, being disrespectful, or refusing to work.

Negative attitudes and behaviour can have a number of different causes. It could be that an employee is unhappy with their job or workload. Alternatively, they may have personality clashes with coworkers or feel like they are being treated unfairly. In some cases, negative attitudes may be the result of outside stressors that are unrelated to work, such as personal problems or health issues.

If left unchecked, negative attitudes and behaviour can create a toxic work environment and lead to poor morale and decreased productivity.


Examples of Negative behaviuors at workplace

1. Being late or absent without prior notice or permission

2. Failing to meet deadlines

3. Not following instructions

4. Not being a team player

5. Disrespecting others

6. Behaving inappropriately

7. Drugs or alcohol abuse

8. Taking advantage of company resources

9. Making unauthorized decisions

10. Failing to maintain professional appearance


Consequences of not having the right Attitudes to work:


1. You will be less productive.

2. You will be unhappy.

3. Your work will suffer.

4. You will have more conflict with your co-workers.

5. You will earn less money.

6. You will be more stressed.

7. You will have less energy.

8. You will be less healthy.

9. You will live shorter.

10. You will be less successful



Negative behaviours in society

Negative behaviours are not only limited to the workplaces or offices. Negative behaviuors can also be noticed in society as a whole. Examples of negative behaviour in society are


1. People not following through on their commitments

2. People being rude and disrespectful to others

3. Lying and cheating

4. People being intolerant of others

5. People being impatient

6. People not being grateful

7. People gossiping

8. People being materialistic

9. People being self-centered

10. People being unkind to others

11. Dishonesty

12. Excessive love of money

13. Disregard for punctuality or always coming late to event or place of work (African Time)

14. Yahoo Yahoo or internet fraud

15. Advance fee fraud or 419

16. Cultism

17.Examination malpractices

18. kidnapping

19. Ritual killing

20. Embezzlement of public fund


Effects of Negative Behaviours on the society

1. Increases crime rate

2. Lowers productivity

3. Causes social disharmony

4. Reduces quality of life

5. Leads to economic decline

6. Increases health problems

7. Reduces life expectancy

8. Causes environmental problems

9. Increases poverty

10. Reduces educational attainment levels

Solutions to societal crimes and bad negative behaviours in society


1. Harsher punishments for regular offenders that are not first-time offenders in order to discourage them.

2. Better security should be provided by the government.

3. More job opportunities should be provided.

4. An improved and better education system will make us job creators rather than job seekers.

5. Increased welfare and more social services

6. More police officers and law enforcement officers.

7. Greater public awareness on the impact on crime on the individual, family and the society at large.

8. Community involvement

9. Social support

10. Rehabilitation programs



Step 1

The subject teacher introduces the new topic

Step 2.

He introduces the new topic


Step 3:

The class teacher allows the pupils to give their own examples and he corrects them when the needs arise


  1. What is the meaning of a negative attitude to work?
  2. Mention four examples of negative behaviour at the place of work.
  3.  Mention four bad behaviours in society
  4. List five effects of negative behaviours
  5. Mention five solutions to negative behaviours in workplace or in the society


The subject goes round to mark the pupil’s notes. He does the necessary corrections