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Security Education JSS 3 Exams

SECURITY EDUCATION JSS 3 1. The punishment for rape is ___ years of imprisonment. (a)20 (b)15 (c)14 (d)11 2. Three years imprisonment is given for _______. (a)murder (b) burglary (c)theft (d) violence 3. Trading on marijuana and cocaine can attract ___ years imprisonment. (a)3-5 (b)10 (c)11 (d)14 4. Addition of another similar material to the

Mathematics Questions JSS 3 Second Term

Edu Delight Tutors SECTION A The solution of x if y=5x+2; and x+2y=15 is A. 1 B. 2 C. 5 The sum of two numbers is 18 and their difference is 12. Find the two numbers from the above question. A.6&10 B.15&3 C. 10&3 What is the product of the two numbers A. 60 B.45


JSS 3 EXAMS QUESTIONS SECOND TERM PHE SECTION A Which of the three types of group/combined events is for women? A. Decathlon B. Heptathlon C. Octathlon D. Pentathlon The following events are common to the three types of group/combined events except _____ A. 200m race B. javelin C. long jump D. 1,500m Which of these

JSS 3 Second Term Social Studies

Edu Delight Tutors SECTION A Instruction: From the options lettered A-D, choose the letter that is most appropriate for the following questions. Answer all the questions. The application of scientific knowledge is termed A. science B. technology.  c. Philosophy D. transportation. Aircraft, cars and boats are products of A. science B. technology C. Philosophy D.

Second Term JSS 3 Computer Studies ICT

Edu Delight Tutors SECTION A …….. is a pictorial way of representing data which had been in tabular form. A. Picture B. Graph C. Worksheet D. All …….. is a type of graph A. Pie Chart B. Pie Sheet C. Translator D. Work MS Excel is an example of ……. program A. Graph B. Binary

Exams PHE JSS 2 First Term

JSS3 PHE A sport event that an athletes does alone and not part of a team is ________ a. poor event b. swim event c. field event d. Probe A ________ is thrown in shot put by contestants. a. heavy metal pail b. heavy metal ball c. heavy metal stone d. heavy metal book All

JSS3 2nd Term Exams Business Studies

  Edu Delight Tutors Second Term Exams   Business Studies – JSS 3 Instructions: Attempt all questions   Bringing the finished product in a sealed cellphone bag is called ______. (a) branding (b) bargaining (c) closure (d) packaging Pricing is that of finding (a) profit and the cost of production. (b) placing profit on the

Second Term Agric JSS 3 Exams

Second Term Agric JSS 3 SECTION A The following are agribusiness enterprises except A. livestock feed plc B. Nestle Nigeria Plc C. Cadbury Nigeria Plc D. Mobil Oil Nigeria Plc One unit of stock is called _____ A. a bank B. a share C. a tens D. a hundred The following are cocoa producing states

Junior Secondary School / Basic Schools

  Junior Secondary School    List of Subjects  JSS 1 / Basic 7 JSS 1 First Term  JSS 1 Second Term  JSS 1 Third Term        JSS 2 /Basic 8 JSS 2 First Term  JSS 2 Second Term  JSS 2 Third Term        JSS 3 / Basic 9 JSS 3 First
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