1st Term Examination CIVIC EDUCATION JSS 3

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1st Term Examination



Section A

Attempt all questions

  1. Citizenship means ____ (a) a person that is not recognized by law (b) a person who is recognize by law (c) a person that does not enjoy any right at all (d) none of the above
  2. Types of citizenship include (a) birth (b) naturalization (c) registration (d) all of the above
  3. When did the making of constitution in Nigeria started? (a)1966 (b)1913 (c)1914 (d)1915
  4. Who wrote the first constitution in Nigeria? (a) Richard (b) Clifford (c) Macpherson (d) Lyttleton
  5. Right attitude to work means __ (a) to concentrate on the job that do not have any bearing with what you are doing (b) ability to prove that you are up to the task (c) habit of doing or facing ones job with form of seriousness (d) all of the above
  6. Features of Nigeria constitution include (a) international law (b) custom and convention (c) citizenship (d) all of the above
  7. The act of counting the number of people living in a country in order to determine the total number of people in a state is known as (a) election (b) national population census (c) voting (d) freedom
  8. The military and police are examples of ___ agencies (a) state security (b) law (c) national security (d) criminal
  9. The three tiers of government are ___ (a) federal, legislature and state (b) federal, state and local government (c) executive, legislature and judiciary (d) national assembly, court and parliament
  10. All these are types of constitution except (a) written constitution (b) un-written constitution (c) decree (d) federal constitution
  11. Nigeria got her independent from which country? (a) America (b) France (c) Britain (d) Russia
  12. Elective principle was a feature of one of the following constitution (a) Richard constitution (b) Clifford constitution (c) Independent constitution (d) federal constitution
  13. Nigeria was amalgamated by Lord Lugard in ___ (a) 1906 (b) 1914 (c) 1960 (d) 1999
  14. The federal duties that are to be performed by the federal government include the following except (a) currency (b) Armed forces (c0 chieftaincy (d) prisons
  15. The three arms of government are _______________
  16. The duties of government are divided into three namely (a) federal, state and local (b) exclusive, concurrent and residual (c) Judiciary, executive and legislative (d) police, soldier and Navy
  17. There are ___________ local government area in Nigeria (a) 360 (b) 474 (c) 774 (d) 674
  18. Attribute of integrity include the following (a) probity (b) contentment (c) cooperation (d) honesty
  19. One of these is the effect of lack of contentment on society (a) cheating (b) envy (c) fair play (d) theft
  20. Which of these is an attributes of contentment (a) rudeness (b) Lack of envy (c) satisfaction (d) Humility



1a. Define constitution

b. State four (4) types of constitution

2. Outline five features of federal constitution

3. List four (4) pre-independence constitutions in Nigeria

4. List the organs of government and state one major function of each of them

5. State five (5) characteristics of integrity


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