Part A: Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow

Comprehension Passage
I had a terrible experience on the way to school on Wednesday morning. As we were arriving at the gate, I saw an old man waiting to cross the road.
I realized he was Mr. Freeborn, our neighbor.
A small cat was at his feet. He was holding the hand of one tiny boy, Wisdom who was about four years old.
Wisdom is the grandson of Mr. Freedom.
Mr. Freedom looked right, left and right again before he crossed the road.
But suddenly a dog dashed out from nowhere and the cat was frightened. Mr. Freeborn couldn’t control the situation and the cat was let go.

Answer the following Questions:
1.) What frightened the cat? _______________________________________________________

2.) Who was Wisdom? ___________________________________________________________

3.) Whose neighbor is Mr. Freeborn? ________________________________________________

4.) A small cat was at _________________________________ feet.

5.) When you want to cross the road, you are expected to look ______________________, ________________ and _________________ before your cross.

Part B:
Active Voice                                           Passive Voice
6.) The horses pulled the wagon
7.) Jude owned a beautiful duplex
8.) Ade bought two fishes
9.) Teni ate rice
10.) James sang a song


Part C: Write out the antonyms of these words
Words                       Antonyms
11.) Kind
12.) Smile
13.) Easy
14.) Cold
15.) Happy

Part D:
Words                        Synonyms
16.) Clever
17.) Stupid
18.) Bad
19.) Interesting
20.) Commonplace

Part E: Fill the gaps with the best option from the given alternatives

21.) I would have ________________ you to the meeting if not for my baby
(a) adjoined (b) accompanied (c) accepted
22.) The story she told us was ________ to the one David told up (a) contrast (b) differ (c) contrary
23.) A _______________ driver is a danger to us all (a) harmless (b) careless (c) trainee
24.) My father has ________________ quite a lot of money recently into his account
(a) discovered (b) exported (c) deposited
25.) The patient was asked to buy the prescribed drugs from the ___ who was a next door neighbor
(a) motorist (b) engineer (c) chemist

Part F: Composition
Write a composition that is not less than ten lines on any of the following topics “My Mother” or “An Eagle”.