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Tapa Street Lagos Island

Part A: Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow

One day, Owina was called by his father to get ready to travel with him to Lagos the following day.
The boy was very happy because he had never visited Lagos before; moreover, he was going to travel by air for the first time.
The other children became jealous when they heard the news. They had all gone to Lagos with their father at different times in the past, but did not travel by air. So they cried and appealed to their father to taken them along. Their father’s stern look was enough to send them out of the sitting room. They went back to the playground behind the house where they had been playing. Ogegere was going to attend a meeting in Lagos.
He decided to take Owina this time because the other children always laughed at him for having not been to Lagos. This often made the boy cry.
Owina’s preparation was little. He needed a few things as he was going to be away only for three days. His mother got a few clothes and a pair of shoes. These were carefully put in a leather bay which she had bought for Owina.

1.) Why was Owina happy to go to Lagos ____ (a) He had not been there before (b) He wanted to go and stay there (c) He was going to see his teacher (d) He was born in Lagos

2.) The other children were jealous because _____
(a) Owina was their enemy (b) They had not been to Lagos before
(c) Owina was going by aeroplane (d) They wanted to go and see their mother.

3.) How did father send the children out of the sitting room
(a) He flogged the children and they ran out (b) He asked Owina to push them out
(c) He gave them a stern look (d) He closed the door against them

4.) What were the children doing before they learnt that Owina was to travel to Lagos
(a) They were eating (b) They were playing behind the house
(c) they were cleaning the house (d) They were helping their mother

5.) What was Owina’s father going to do in Lagos
(a) He was going to attend meeting (b) He was going to find a school for Owina
(c) He was going to see his father (d) He was going on holiday

Part B: Choose from the list of words or group of words lettered A to D given below the one that most suitably fills the gap in the sentence

6.) The boy, with several others ___ to church every Sunday (a) Went (b) had gone (c) go (d) goes
7.) My father always travels to Kaduna _____ train (a) on (b) with (c) by (d) in
8.) Kemi is _____ at mathematics than Deji (a) better (b) good (c) more better (d) best

9.) The green bottle _____ by Musa (a) was broken (b) was breaking (c) is breaking (d) is broke
10.) The oranges would have to be shared _____ the twins (a) at (b) between (c) among (d) in

11.) Last week, there ______ a handball match in Benin
(a) had been (b) was (c) is going to be (d) could be

12.) Do not fail to inform me _____ the head teacher arrives
(a) as soon (b) sooner than (c) as soon as (d) soon

13.) You should know ______ he is much older than you (a) when (b) how (c) that (d) then

14.) Most young boys prefer playing football _____ reading books
(a) to (b) instead (c) in (d) from

15.) The rice-merchant decided to make the journey ____ taxi (a) with (b) on (c) by (d) into

Part C:
Singular Plural
16.) Sheep
17.) Deer
18.) Stadium
19.) Ox
20.) Child

Part D: Comparison of Adjective
Positive Comparative Superlative
21.) Little
22.) White
23.) Beautiful
24.) Many
25.) Round

Part E:
Direct Speech Indirect Speech
26.) Simbi said “I have two pencils”
27.) Ade said “It is difficult”
28.) John said “I can solve these mental sums
29.) The teacher shouted “go out”
30.) The preacher said “My wife is a woman

Change the following positive sentences into negative
1.) They can complete their projects by Friday

2.) My friend is coming to the party

3.) They can play the guitar very well

4.) The floor has been mopped

5.) You have to prepare your own lunch

My Best Friend