CLASS: PRIMARY 6                                                                     SUBJECT: BASIC SCIENCE


Answer the following questions

  1. The internet has influenced human society through the use of ________(a) firewood (b) computer (c) handtools
  2. IT simply means ______ (a) Internet telephone (b) Information Technology (c) Intention Title
  3. Cyber crime is one of the internet _____ (a) appreciation (b) abuse (c) acceptance
  4. Twitter and facebook are examples of online social ________ (a) network (b) stores (c) school
  5. Maintenance helps our things to last and be in good conditions (a) yes (b) no (c) undecided_
  6. ___________ means staying away from things that cause dangers or accident(a) sanity (b) sanitation (c) safety
  7. Percussion tools are used to _________ (a) kill (b) hit (c) cook
  8. Hammer, spanner and mallet are examples of ____ tools (a) cutting (b) farming (c) percussion
  9. Most hand tools have ________ (a) lever (b) pulley (c) handle
  10. Primary colours are also known as ____ of all other colours (a) father (b) mothers (c) nephew
  11. Primary colours are ___________ colours (a) synthetic (b) artificial (c) natural
  12. The mixture of primary colours like yellow and blue in equal quantity will give us colour___(a) green (b) orange (c) violet
  13. The rainbow has __________ colours (a) nine (b) seven (c) twelve
  14. Another name for the white light colour is _______(a) spectrum of white light (b) university colours (c) neutral colours
  15. ____________ means pictorial representation of an object or things(a) cleaner (b) drawing (c) instrument
  16. Simple machines are tools that make our work easier and faster(a) true (b) false (c) undecided
  17. A box that contains items like bandages, iodine solution or paracetamol in the school is known as ______ (a) First Aid Box (b) Panadol Box (c) Magic Box
  18. Wet floor and Banana skin can cause _______ at home (a) safety (b) accident (c) corruption
  19. The best form of maintenance is ___ maintenance (a) preductive (b) corrective (c) preventive
  20. Cutting tools are used for _______ (a) cutting (b) digging (c) drinking
  21. Which of the following is a synthetic drug _____ (a) paracetamol (b) palm wine (c) bitter leaf
  22. Soil can be prepared for planting by making all these except_____(a) heaps (b) drainages (c) beds
  23. The longest bone of the body is called the _______ (a) femur (b) cartridge (c) membrane
  24. Which of the following is not a cereal _______ (a) yam (b) millet (c) maize
  25. The washing away of soil nutrients by wind or rainfall is known as _____(a) pollution (b) erosion (c) emotion
  26. Wastes can be categorized into _________ major categories (a) two (b) three (c) four
  27. Day and night are caused by the movement of the earth that is known as ____(a) random (b) rotational (c) rectangular
  28. When caustic soda is mixed with oil, ______ is produced (a) salt (b) sand (c) soap
  29. The heart has ____________ chambers (a) four (b) eight (c) two
  30. ______________ is the bony framework of the body (a) skeleton (b) blood (c) muscles


Part B: Theory

  1. List the colours of the white light


(b) _________________________________________


  1. .) Draw and paint the rainbow
  2. What is maintenance__________________________



B.) List three types of maintenance

(a) ________________________________            (b) ________________________________

(c) ________________________________


  1. What is safety? _______________________________________________________________



b.) Mention two causes of accidents

(a) ________________________________            (b) ________________________________


  • What are simple machines? ____________________________________________________



b.) Mention four examples of simple machines

(a) ________________________________            (b) ________________________________

(c) ________________________________            (d) ________________________________


  • What is weather? ________________________________________________



b.) Mention four weather conditions

(a) ________________________________            (b) ________________________________

(c) ________________________________            (d) ________________________________