CLASS: PRIMARY 6                                                                     SUBJECT: BASIC SCIENCE


Answer the following questions

  • The internet has influenced human society through the use of ________

(a) firewood (b) computer (c) handtools

  • IT simply means ______ (a) Internet telephone (b) Information Technology (c) Intention Title
  • Cyber crime is one of the internet _____ (a) appreciation (b) abuse (c) acceptance
  • Twitter and facebook are examples of online social ________ (a) network (b) stores (c) school
  • Maintenance helps our things to last and be in good conditions (a) yes (b) no (c) undecided
  • ____________ means staying away from things that cause dangers or accident

(a) sanity (b) sanitation (c) safety

  • Percussion tools are used to _________ (a) kill (b) hit (c) cook
  • Hammer, spanner and mallet are examples of ____ tools (a) cutting (b) farming (c) percussion
  • Most hand tools have ________ (a) lever (b) pulley (c) handle
  • Primary colours are also known as ____ of all other colours (a) father (b) mothers (c) nephew
  • Primary colours are ___________ colours (a) synthetic (b) artificial (c) natural
  • The mixture of primary colours like yellow and blue in equal quantity will give us colour___

(a) green (b) orange (c) violet

  • The rainbow has __________ colours (a) nine (b) seven (c) twelve
  • Another name for the white light colour is _______

(a) spectrum of white light (b) university colours (c) neutral colours

  • ____________ means pictorial representation of an object or things

(a) cleaner (b) drawing (c) instrument

  • Simple machines are tools that make our work easier and faster

(a) true (b) false (c) undecided

  • A box that contains items like bandages, iodine solution or paracetamol in the school is known as ______ (a) First Aid Box (b) Panadol Box (c) Magic Box


  • Wet floor and Banana skin can cause _______ at home (a) safety (b) accident (c) corruption
  • The best form of maintenance is ___ maintenance (a) preductive (b) corrective (c) preventive
  • Cutting tools are used for _______ (a) cutting (b) digging (c) drinking
  • Which of the following is a synthetic drug _____ (a) paracetamol (b) palm wine (c) bitter leaf
  • Soil can be prepared for planting by making all these except_____
  • heaps (b) drainages (c) beds


  • The longest bone of the body is called the _______ (a) femur (b) cartridge (c) membrane
  • Which of the following is not a cereal _______ (a) yam (b) millet (c) maize
  • The washing away of soil nutrients by wind or rainfall is known as _____

(a) pollution (b) erosion (c) emotion

  • Wastes can be categorized into _________ major categories (a) two (b) three (c) four
  • Day and night are caused by the movement of the earth that is known as ____

(a) random (b) rotational (c) rectangular

  • When caustic soda is mixed with oil, ______ is produced (a) salt (b) sand (c) soap
  • The heart has ____________ chambers (a) four (b) eight (c) two
  • ______________ is the bony framework of the body (a) skeleton (b) blood (c) muscles


Part B: Theory

  • List the colours of the white light

(a) ________________________________________________________________

(b) ________________________________________________________________


b.) Draw and paint the rainbow


  • What is maintenance? _________________________________________________________



b.) List three types of maintenance

(a) ________________________________            (b) ________________________________

(c) ________________________________


  • What is safety? _______________________________________________________________



b.) Mention two causes of accidents

(a) ________________________________            (b) ________________________________


  • What are simple machines? ____________________________________________________



b.) Mention four examples of simple machines

(a) ________________________________            (b) ________________________________

(c) ________________________________            (d) ________________________________


  • What is weather? _____________________________________________________________



b.) Mention four weather conditions

(a) ________________________________            (b) ________________________________

(c) ________________________________            (d) ________________________________