A lion had come to the end of his days. He laid very sick at the mouth of his den. He was gasping for breath. The animals, his subjects came round him and drew nearer as he grew more and more helpless.

When they saw him at the point of death, they thought to themselves: “Now is the time to pay back the bad things the lion did to us”. So, the elephant came up and drove at him with his tusks. Then the bull hit him with his horns, growled the lion: “Only cowards insult a dying king”.



  • Who was about to die? (a) the elephant (b) the lion    (c) the bull
  • Where does the lion laid? (a) his kernel (b) his manger      (c) his den
  • Who came round the lion? (a) the insects (b) the animals      (c) the earthworm
  • The lion was gasping for breath (a) true (b) false
  • The ass did not kick the lion in the face (a) true (b) false


Section B: English Grammar  

  • ____________________ is the person that sells food in the street.
  • ___________________ bakes and sells bread and cakes
  • One who owns or works on a farm is called _____________________
  • One who flies planes is called _____________________
  • ____________________ is the person that runs a bank


Give the feminine or masculine gender of the following

        Masculine                                                  Feminine

  •   Cock                             _____________________________
  • _________________________ mother
  •   headmaster                    _____________________________
  •   Sir                                 _____________________________
  • ________________________



Use your own words to form compound words below   

Example: Football          headmaster

  • Foot _____________________________
  • Class _____________________________
  • Time _____________________________
  • Bed ______________________________
  • Air ______________________________



My Best Dress

I have many ________________________________

My best dress is _____________________________

It is a/an ______________________________ dress

It has _______________________________ colour

I wear it on __________________________ shoes

A __________________________ sewed my best dress

I wear my best dress on __________________________

I like it because it is very __________________________