Different Items in a Home


Subject :Home Economics


Topic: Different Items in a Home



Meaning of Items in a Home

Examples of different Items found

in a Home.


Items are the things we keep in a

home either for our use or to make the home beautiful and



These items that can found in different rooms in a Home.The

following are examples of different Items found in different rooms:


1.Furniture:These can be found in different rooms in the home.e.g

Tables and chairs.These can be found especially in our living room or sitting room,bedroom and kitchen.


a.Cabinets:These include drawers Shelves.They are used for storing

or displaying objects in the home


b.Beds:They are used for sleeping

and resting.They are found in the



2.Utensils:These are tools and containers that are used in the

Kitchen examples are pots


And other containers for storing

Food items,cooker,etc


3.Air conditioner and fan:They are used for cooling air in the home.

They are mostly found in the

Sitting rooms and bedrooms


4.Other items are television,radio

e.t.c which are found in the sitting

Room and bedroom.


Evaluation Questions


1.Define items in the home?


2.List four items found in different rooms in a home?









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