3rd Term Pry 2 Exams Home Economics

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CLASS: Basic Two

SUBJECT: Home Economics

INSTRUCTION: Underline the correct answer

1. Do we need to clean our kitchen at all? A. yes B. No C. May be

2. What should we use to wash the bathrooms and the toilets? a)Kerosene b. Insecticide c. Brush, soap and water

3. Which of these is used to sweep? A. broom B. Brush C. Comb

4. Our windows must always be _______a. washed b. cleaned c. wet

5. We keep things in the store and cook in the kitchen (true or false)

6. From which of these do we make fufu? a. yam b. cassava c. cocoa

7. From which of these od we get dodo? A. banana B.Yam C. Plantain

8. From which of these do we make pap? A. rice B. Maize C. Cassava

9. From which of these do we make akara? A. maize b. beans c. yam

10. From which of these do we get starch? A. rice b. fish c. beans

11. Which of these is necessary for good appearance?

Taking your bath daily

Leaving our hair uncombed

Keeping long fingernails

12. To prevent germs we must keep our fingernails__________

Very ling

Very short and clean

Very dirty

13. Where do we have our feet?

    1. Lower part of the body
    2. Middle part of the body
    3. Upper part of the body

14. We should_____ our hands after visiting the toilet.

Wash b. Dry c.Boil

15. We must take good care of our body in order to______

    1. Eat well
    2. Be rich
    3. Avoid body odour

16. Which of these diseases affect the hair?

    1. Kwashiorkor
    2. Leprosy
    3. Dandruff

17. How many teeth does an adult have?

    1. 30 b. 32 c. 34

18, We should wash our mouth _______

    1. Regularly
    2. Occasionally
    3. Monthly.

19. _______ is a local mouth care material

    1. Chewing stick
    2. Tooth paste
    3. Mouth

20. In which part of the body do we have teeth?

    1. Chest
    2. Stomach
    3. Mouth


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1. State three 3 ways we can take care of our hair

2. State two 2 ways we take care of our skin

3. How can we take care of our mouth?

4. Mention 6 foods in your locality