Living in peace with one another


Class : Basic 2.

Subject : English Comprehension.

Topic : Living in peace with one another.


Etim and Chike are friends. They attend the same School and go to school together. They are in the same class. They live on the same street and do things together.

Their parents know about their friendship. They never quarrel with each other.


One day they had an argument about their cats.

Etim said it was Chike’s cat that ate the meat in their kitchen, but Chike denied it.

This led to an argument and a fight. Chike slapped Etim and a fight began.


Etim said : ‘Chike, you slapped me ! I am no longer your friend’. Chike replied. ‘Why should you call my cat a thief ?

I am no longer your friend either.’


Some people separated them and. asked them to stop the fight.

They were even surprised at them. Adult sat them down and settled the quarrel. They later shock hands and hugged each other.


The following morning, Etim was already waiting for Chike to go to school with him. They never mentioned the quarrel, for they had both forgotten all about it.




Answer these questions.

1. Which two boys are friends ?

2. Mention two things they do together.

3. Who first slapped the other?

4. Why did the two boys have a quarrel?

5. Who settled the quarrel for them?

6. What happened the following morning ?

7. When Chike slapped Etim —————– ( A. a dance began. B. a fight began. C. a race began.

8. The two boys later shook hands and ——————– each other A. slapped, B. Kissed, C. hugged.

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