Verb : Action word or doing word


Class:Basic 2

Subject: EnglishLanguage

Topic: Verb.

A Verb is an action word or a doing word.The verb tells the action of the noun,pronoun,or other words.Examples of a verbs are go, do, eat, fall, give, write, run, sing, etc.

1) I go to school everyday.

2) My mother gave me a gift.

3) Always write well in class.

4) Do not cry for food.

Underline the verb in the following sentences:

a) My father built a fine house.

b) I want food now.

c) He bought the car for Mary.

d) They danced yesterday.

e) We run to school everyday.

f) She went to the market yesterday.

,g) My teacher likes me.

h) He does his work well.

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