Home Economics Third Term Promotional Examination Basic 5









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1.) ___________ is the method of cooking by putting the food in a pot with enough water.
(a) Boiling (b) frying (c) roasting (d) drying (e) salting

2.) There are __________ types of frying
(a) 2 (b) 1 (c) 3 (d) 4 (e) 5

3.) _____________ is cooking in an open pan of hot oil or jad over a fire.
(a) boiling (b) frying (c) salting (d) drying (e) roasting

4.) The jobs we do at home in order to keep the home clean and tidy is called ________
(a) routine (b) chores (c) leisure (d) job (e) work

5.) __________ is a room where we prepare, cook and eat our food
(a) living room (b) kitchen (c) dinning room (d) store (e) bedroom

6.) ___________ is the taking or eating of all types of food in the right proportion.
(a) Diet (b) Balanced diet (c) food (d) classes of food (e) consumption

7.) A ____________ sows our clothes
(a) seamstress (b) stylist (c) florist (d) Janitor (e) usher

8.) An example of an energy given food is _______________
(a) millet (b) yam (c) beans (d) egg (e) water

9.) ______________ when we use materials to cover the surface or the floor.
(a) tiles (b) covering (c) floor covering (d) surface (e) rug

10.) _____________ are things applied to the body to make it look or smell better.
(a) cosmetics (b) make-up (c) deodorant (c) facial treatment (e) spa

11.) ______________ is a watery cosmetics that gives the body a sweet smell when put on the body.
(a) powder (b) perfume (c) eyebrow (d) soap (e) cream

12.) ______________ is the use of cosmetic on the body.
(a) cosmetics (b) make-up (c) antimony (d) talcum (e) pedicure

13.) A place where body is massaged, beautifies and adore is called _____
(a) saloon (b) spa (c) bathroom (d) janitor (e) hostel

14.) How many classes of food do we have?
(a) 5 (b) 6 (c) 4 (d) 3 (e) 2

15.) An example of a cutlery is _______________
(a) fork (b) stove (c) microwave (d) fried rice (e) water

16.) An example of a floor covering is all the following except ________
(a) tiles (b) chair (c) rug (d) marble (e) terrazzo

17.) __________ is a person who construct the building.
(a) engineer (b) architect (c) surveyor (d) accountant (e) bricklayer

18.) We wash our hair with _____________
(a) shampoo (b) soap (c) oil (d) menthol (e) pomade

19.) _____________ is the process of washing, drying and plaiting or straightening the hair.
(a) hairstyling (b) hairdressing (c) hair maintenance (d) hair combing (e) hair protection

20.) The use of development prevent __________ on the body.
(a) bad odour (b) sweat (c) rashes (d) itching (e) burns


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1.) What is cosmetics
b.) What is make up
2.) What is floor covering
b.) List 2 examples of floor covering.
3.) What is hairdressing
b.) List 2 ways of taking care of the hair.
4.) Define a kitchen
b.) State 2 items found in the kitchen.
5.) Define boiling method of cooking
b.) Define frying method of cooking