Third Term examination Basic 5 English






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Aduke’s letter of admission to the Federal Government College Kaduna arrived at last. She had been busy preparing for the resumption day right from the day the headmaster announced her admission. Her mother had bought her all she needed. She had enough money left to pay Aduke’s school fees in Kaduna.
A few days later, Aduke asked her mother, “Mummy, won’t I need to keep some money with me at school?”
“Of course, you need to, but you are only allowed to keep a small amount of money.”
“How much?” Aduke asked.
“Just about N250,” the mother replied.
“No, how long can N250 last?” Aduke protested.
“But I can always send money to you through your house mistress,” explained the mother.
“No! After paying my school fees, you should allow me to keep about N5,000 as my pocket money” pleaded Aduke.
“Five thousand what? Do you think the principal should hear of that?” screamed Aduke’s mother.

Answer these questions:
1.) How much, according to Aduke’s mother, can she keep in the boarding house?

2.) Did Aduke think the money was enough?

3.) How did the mother say she could send money to her?

4.) How much did Aduke want to keep as pocket money?

5.) What would the principal say about the amount?

Lexis and Structure
Synonyms – nearest in meaning
1.) The hunter retired to his abode at the end of the day
(a) camp (b) cubicle (c) family (d) Home (e) village

2.) The man is sluggish
(a) fast (b) hasty (c) quick (d) slow (e) smart

3.) I borrowed this ruler from her
(a) lent (b) loaned (c) received (d) stole (e) snatched

4.) This class is unclean we cannot have our lesson here.
(a) clean (b) dark (c) dirty (d) noisy (e) stuffy

5.) He is polite pupil
(a) stubborn (b) good (c) gentle (d) rough (e) wicked

Antonyms – most nearly opposite
6.) The former headmistress was strict with the pupils
(a) friendly (b) fierce (c) unhappy (d) lenient (e) wicked to

7.) Tofunmi was glad she arrived home
(a) angry (b) delighted (c) happy (d) sad (e) furious

8.) We went into the hall through the exit
(a) door (b) entrance (c) outward (d) inside (e) sideway

9.) Yakubu is lazy while his friend is _______________
(a) capable (b) clever (c) dull (d) hardworking (e) serious

10.) The baby has a smooth skin
(a) cool (b) dry (c) soft (d) shiny (e) wrinkled

11.) I will not attend the party ____________ I am formally invited.
(a) if (b) unless (c) until (d) when (e) where

12.) Neither the Headmistress ____________ the teacher is present in the school.
(a) and (b) but (c) nor (d) or (e) with

13.) The woman was angry with the teacher __________ injured her daughter.
(a) that (b) which (c) who (d) whom (e) whose

14.) _____________ is used to join words or sentence together.
(a) adverb (b) conjunction (c) adjective (d) exclamation (e) verb

15.) Daily exercise is good for ______________ fitness
(a) physical (b) mental (c) spiritual (d) emotional (e) academic

16.) He is not only rude __________ lazy
(a) and also (b) and even (c) but also (d) but even (e) still yet

17.) I ____________ the meal last night
(a) am enjoying (b) could enjoy (c) enjoy (d) enjoyed (e) should enjoy

18.) I was one of the ___________ who watched the football match.
(a) actors (b) audience (c) spectators (d) crowd (e) congregation

19.) They do not know __________ it will rain.
(a) even (b) whether (c) but (d) so (e) and

20.) There are ____________ types of adjectives.
(a) 1 (b) 3 (c) 4 (d) 2 (e) 5


Choose the questions that has the sentences as its right answer
21.) Yes, it is delicious
(a) Did you bake the cake? (b) Is the cake for you? (c) How does the cake taste? (d) Do you like the cake? (e) Is the cake delicious?

22.) Twenty-five naira
(a) Was the dress very expensive? (b) How much did the dress cost?
(c) Was the dress cheap? (d) Did you buy the dress? (e) Is she selling the dress.

23.) Yes, I do
(a) I know the way, don’t you? (b) Do I know the way? (c) Is the journey long?
(d) Did mother show you the way? (e) Are you coming there?

24.) No, thank you.
(a) Did she invite you? (b) Shall I come for you? (c) When are you going out?
(d) Will you be coming to the party? (e) When are you going to the party?

Choose the words that best fill each of the space numbered 27 to 30
A very cold harmattan wind was blowing that morning when we __25_______________ for the zoo. I was shivering __26_______________ because I had _27_______________ Only a light single. The journey was tedious _28___________________ we arrived at the zoo reasonably fresh.

(a) although (b) set off (c) all over (d) on

Choose the right option from the given alternatives to fill the gap
29.) His arithmetic is good ______________ his English is bad.
(a) and (b) after (c) for (d) but (e) my

30.) Look both ways _____________ you cross the road.
(a) after (b) before (c) as (d) while (e) when

Write a composition about your country, one page – 20mks.


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