SECTION A: Objective Test


Read the passage below carefully and answer the questions that follow by choosing the appropriate of the options lettered A – E

Sometimes ago, a man punished his three year old daughter for wasting a roll of gold wrapping paper. Money was tight, and he became infuriated when the child tried to decorate a box to put under the tree.

Nevertheless, the little girl brought the gift to her father the next morning and said, “this is for you daddy”. He was embarrassed by his earlier over reaction, but his temper flared again when he found that the box was empty. He yelled at her, “don’t you know that when give someone a present there should be something inside of it”? The little girl looked up to the dad with tears and said, “the box is not empty, I blew kisses into the box, all for you. The man was humbled. He hugged his child and kept the box around his bed.

  1. What did the man do when his daughter offered him a gift the next morning? He (a) begged her (b) kept the gift (c) was angry (d) was embarrassed (e) yelled at her
  2. What did the girl put in the box that her father did not see? (a) gold wrapper (b) stones (c) kisses (d) love (e) joy
  3. Why was the man angry when he was given the gift? He was angry because (a) the box was put under a tree (b) he hated gifts (c) money was tight (d) the box was empty (e) the girl wasted the wrapper
  4. Why was the girl’s father embarrassed when She brought him a gift? He was embarrassed because (a) he over reacted (b) he punished her (c) there was nothing inside the box (d) the man lost some money (e) nobody was at home
  5. The man took the imaginary kiss whenever he was (a) discouraged (b) hungry (c) late (d) disturbed (e) happy

Choose the option that is nearest in meaning from the options.

  1. The water was polluted. (a) pure (b) stinky (c) dirty (d) black
  2. The maid disappeared with the money. (a) travelled (b) vanished (c) ran (d) fled
  3. Lola likes eating pawpaw. (a) loves (b) hate (c) enjoy (d) often

Choose the option that is nearest opposite in meaning from the options.

  1. The man is very poor. (a) wealthy (b) rich (c) healthy (d) blessed
  2. Mr. Sada built a temporary site on his land. (a) permanent (b) big (c) lasting (d) rooted
  3. The path to your house is crooked. (a) long (b) slopy (c) straight (d) deep


Choose the correct answer from the option

  1. The bride and the groom __________ absent at the wedding. (a) is (b) was (c) are (d) were
  2. _________ of the student was given a cash prize for winning the quiz competition. (a) All (b) Each (c) Everyone (d) Most
  3. The headmistress was angry when she discovered that __________ of the students was in the exam hall. (a) none (b) all (c) both (d) either
  4. The Superlative form of the word little is (a) more (b) least (c) lesser (d) littlest
  5. The past tense of the word broadcast is ________________ (a) broadcast (b) broadcasted (c) broadcasting (d) broadcasts
  6. To _________ shall I give this parcel? (a) what (b) who (c) who’s (d) whom
  7. The most appropriate prefix for the word modest is ______ (a) en- (b) in- (c) im- (d) re-
  8. The statement “I have done the work” in the passive form becomes, the work ________________ done by me. (a) are being (b) has been (c) is being (d) will be
  9. He told you he wasn’t at home, _______________________? (a) did he? (b) didn’t he? (c) didn’t you? (d) isn’t it?
  10. The opposite of the word enormous is ____________.(a) big (b) small (c) great (d) little
  11. The negative form of the word “I was there is _____________. (a) I was no there (b) I am not there (c) you are not there (d) I will not be there
  12. The underlined word is a ___________ , proof. (a) verb (b) adjective (c) adverb (d) noun
  13. The girl danced gracefully. Gracefully is a / an __________ (a) adjective (b) pronoun (c) adverb (d) noun
  14. A place where fishes can ,be kept is called a / an __________ (a) aquarius (b) quarium (c) aquarium (d) water
  15. Another name for food is __________. (a) diet (b) nutrition (c) meal (d) nutrient
  16. Neither Bayo _____ Ade live near the school. (a) or (b) nor (c) is (d) am
  17. The children ________ happy. (a) are (b) were (c) am (d) have

Add suffix to these words:

  1. Thank = ___________________
  2. Grace = ___________________


Fill in the blanks in the following passage with the correct words chosen from columns A – D in the list below the passage.

A rich man had a very clever and ______1_______ daughter called Ireti. He wanted the ______2______ to become a medical ______3______. He sent _____4_____ to one of the best schools in the city for her Secondary ______5_________.

A             B              C            D

1. handsome beautiful old dull

2. girl man boy woman

3. teacher tailor sailor doctor

4. him them her it

5. education training college practical

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